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Helpful Tips to Prevent Hair Damage in Summer

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There are many reasons why our hair gets damaged, from the constant use of hair styling tools, to poor hair care routine, even exposing ourselves to the sun can contribute to the problem. Most of us assume that our hair will be just fine during the summer, since you’re no longer covering your head with a thick hat, or even worrying about the lack of moisture robbing your hair strands of their natural shine. Staying outdoors with the sun beating down on you is not really good for your hair. Fortunately, there are steps that you can take to keep your hair protected, while still having fun out in the sun.

Avoid bleaching or dyeing your hair

If you are planning on getting enough sunlight out by the beach, but don’t want to end up with dry and frizzy hair, avoid bleaching or dyeing your hair a new color before, or during the summer. This is because exposure to sun can lighten your hair, and since there is not enough moisture in the air during this season, expect that your hair will become lighter in tone. A better option would be to stick with leave-on conditioning to help keep your hair strands nourished.

Cover your head

You may not like the idea of covering your head during the summer, but if you want to reduce the damage to your hair strands, you should consider this tip. Putting on a wide brimmed hat over your head while you work on your garden, or even a summer hat while you are out enjoying the beach is highly recommended as it will prevent the sun from damaging your hair and your scalp. The extra shade that you are going to get from your hat can also protect your skin from aging.

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Drink plenty of water

Another thing that you need to consider when it comes to your hair in summer is to drink plenty of water. If you’ve been spending some time outdoors, you may notice this, but you are actually causing your hair to lose of its moisture and oils. What’s more, without proper hydration, you can expect some calluses and patches of dry skin to appear on your scalp which can be both itchy and irritated. Now, one way to alleviate this is to up your water intake as much as possible.

Deep conditioning

It can be quite frustrating to see your hair becoming dry and frizzy, especially during the summer. Well, with the high heat coming from the sun, and constantly tying our hair up, it’s no wonder our hair gets dry and prone to damage. That being said, one of the best ways for you to keep the damage to a minimum is to do deep conditioning twice a week. As the name suggests, deep conditioning your hair will deliver moisture and nourishment, not just on the surface of your scalp, but deep within. Apply your deep conditioning mixture then massage your hair and scalp for a few minutes. Leave it on for half an hour then rinse thoroughly.

Wash your hair

Well, since it is summer, most of us will find ourselves flocking to the beach, or the pool even just to enjoy the cooling water. But if your hair is losing its luxurious feel because of the salt and chlorine, well, the trick here is to wash your hair before you get into the pool or in the ocean.

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