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What Happens When You Stop Your Diet?

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Most of us turn to ready-made diet plans to help us achieve a certain weight or because we want to improve our overall health. We restrict our food to those that were indicated in the diet program and often give off a sigh of frustration because your body misses those foods that were once part of your daily diet. Add to this that some diet plans require you to pay attention to the calories you’ve been consuming, and you’ve probably wished that you can go back to your normal eating habits.

However, we still hesitate on letting go of our diet for fear that we are making the wrong choice. But here’s what’s going to happen when you do stop your diet and start eating right.

You will enjoy food more

Restrictive diets can take a toll on your body and although they do help you achieve your weight goal, the amount of fake foods that you are consuming may not be satiating you fully. When you let go of these diets, you will be able to enjoy real and more natural foods. You can have your favorite full-fat yogurt and get to enjoy its texture and taste as opposed to the fat-free ones. Everything will be more satisfying because of their rich flavor.

Short binges may happen

Since you are no longer following a diet, many fall into the most common trap of all which is binge eating. If you find yourself retreating back to your diet, know that this is just a temporary phase and it is completely normal. Instead of stopping yourself from eating your favorite foods, allow yourself some time to enjoy the foods you’ve used to love. This is not a set back but rather an eye opener because you are now more conscious of what goes inside your body.

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You’ll feel at peace

Most of us see diet as a war on food because the way we see it, food is the main culprit as to why we have gained weight. But this shouldn’t be so. We need food in order to survive and to keep our body working properly. Instead of viewing carbs, fats, and sugar and other types of food as our enemies, why not get to understand them better? Once you understand them, you will be able to prepare your meals in such a way that you will enjoy having them in your meals.

Less addicted to sugar

By going back to eating regular and whole foods, you will find that your need of condiments and sweeteners will be lessened as you become more attuned with natural sweeteners like organic honey. And when you continue focusing on whole foods, you’ll find that you are craving more of fruits rather than milk chocolate bars for snack.

You become used to eating whole foods

Yes, there will be times when you will succumb to going all-out with your food binge, but then you find yourself checking your weight and eyeing your food with a critical eye. This means that you have passed the awkward stage of transitioning back to eating normal foods, but with a better perspective on what to eat and which ones to avoid. You are now possessed with control over the amount of food you eat and be fine with it. This is where you will find that enjoying the foods you love in moderation can be easier to maintain compared to sticking with a restrictive diet.

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Going back to eating whole foods may be scary at the start, but once you have managed your eating routine, it will be easier to maintain in the long run.

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