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Health and Beauty Benefits of Kona Limes

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In Hawaii, there are limes that look exactly just like tangerines inside and outside, and they are called kona limes. Also sometimes referred to as rangpur limes, they are just as good for you as other citrus fruits because of the vitamins and minerals they contain. Read on to know more about these superfoods from the Aloha State!

Here’s the deal why kona limes can be easily mistaken for tangerines: they are actually the results of the crossbreeding of tangerines and lemons. So in other words, they are hybrids.

But don’t worry because kona limes are not created in the laboratory by scientists. Actually, it was Mother Nature who is responsible for their creation! Oh, and by the way, kona limes have the coolest scientific name out there, and that’s citrus x limonia — from the fact that they are tangerines and lemons rolled into one.

While kona limes are made popular by Hawaii, the truth is these hybrids did not originate in Hawaii. Earlier, it was said that the other names for them are rangpur limes, which gives a hint on where they’re once native to: Rangpur, a city that is situated in Bangladesh. Somewhere in the 1880s, rangpur limes reached Hawaii where it thrived.

Taste-wise, kona limes can be very acidic. Also, they do not smell anything like tangerines even though they look just like those — kona limes possess the fresh scent of limes.

Kona limes are popularly used for flavoring juices and various alcoholic drinks such as margaritas. The juice and zest of these Hawaiian beauties are commonly employed for baking purposes. Just in case you ran out of key limes while whipping up pies, preserves and icings, you may actually use kona limes as substitute ingredients.

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Now that you already know kona limes better than everyone else on the planet, it’s time for us to check out the numerous perks they are known to offer. Here are the reasons why you should get your hands on them:

They Strengthen the Immune System

Just like so many other cirrus fruits out there, kona limes are revered for their ability to lower one’s risk of infection — thanks to the loads and loads of immune-boosting vitamin C in them.

They Beautify Skin

Vitamin C is regarded, too, as nature’s anti-aging creation because of its ability to zap free radicals and also promote synthesis of collagen. So if you want to look young, regularly include kona limes in your diet.

They Improve Dark Scars, Too

It’s also possible for kona limes to be employed topically to beautify your skin. For instance, you may daub its juice on dark-colored scars regularly. In time, they will no longer be as noticeable.

They Keep Your Lovely Smile Intact

While the acidity of kona limes can make you frown, its superb vitamin C content can leave you smiling. Dental experts say that vitamin C is crucial for keeping the gums healthy, which then maintains the strength and health of your teeth.

They Make the Bones Tough

Kona limes also supply the body with calcium, and everyone knows that this mineral is essential for making the bones strong. Phosphorus and potassium found in kona limes also help keep the bones tough.

They Help Lower Blood Pressure

Speaking of potassium, its presence enables kona limes to lower a person’s blood pressure. Potassium works in such department very well because it is capable of widening the blood vessels.

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