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Should You Consider Trying Escamoles?

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There is a popular dish in Mexico called escamoles. If you find it thrilling to try consuming all sorts of exotic foods from various parts of the planet, it’s for certain that you will love this one. Continue reading to get yourself acquainted with escamoles, a Mexican treat that is not only attention-grabbing but also highly nutritious!

At first glance, it looks like escamoles is just another one of those healthy grains like barley, millet or brown rice. While it is definitely healthy, escamoles is not any type of grain. In fact, it’s not recommendable for vegetarians because it is actually an animal product.

Excited to know what escamoles is? Simply put, this dish from Mexico consists of the eggs and larvae (babies) of giant black ants — they are called liometopum and they are found abundantly in Mexico.

But just because the thought of consuming ant eggs and larvae can sound disgusting doesn’t necessarily mean that eating escamoles is something that will surely make you hurl the contents of your stomach. While it’s true that the ingredients for making this Mexican dish are clearly out of the ordinary, the fact is it can have a pleasing taste!

Escamoles actually boast of a slightly buttery and nutty taste. Some assert that it even kind of tastes like bacon that is slathered in peanut butter. If you will focus on the unique and rather delicious flavor of escamoles, for a while you may forget that what you are eating is made from the eggs and larvae of gigantic Mexican ants.

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What makes escamoles extra special is the fact that it’s not that easy to collect those liometopum eggs and larvae. Those who need to harvest them have to go to great lengths to succeed.

Those black giant ants live in the root systems of agave and maguey plants that thrive in Mexico, which means that they have to be dug out. But making that task super challenging is the fact that liometopum ants are very protective and aggressive insects — they bite anything that puts their colony in grave danger. What’s more, these massive and dark-colored Mexican ants are known to be venomous!

In other words, it’s not that easy to whip up a serving of escamoles!

However, the consumption of escamoles is done not only to add some thrill on the dining table, but also to provide the body with nutrients. The truth is escamoles is a very healthy meal!

Nutrition experts say that every serving of escamoles allows you to enjoy the following impressive benefits:

Increased muscle mass

Just like most other edible insects out there, the eggs and larvae of liometopum ants are loaded with protein, and that’s why eating escamoles allows you to build muscles.

Reduced weight

Thanks to its protein content, this Mexican dish can be very satisfying and helpful for anyone who wishes to lose weight. But it should be eaten in small servings only as it is rich in fat, too.

Maintained 20/20 vision

Nutrition experts say that that escamoles is actually a wonderful source of vitamin A, and it’s because of this why consuming it can help keep your vision sharp and your peepers healthy.

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Beautified skin and hair

Another nutrient present in every serving of escamoles is vitamin E, which is an antioxidant that is known to help keep the skin and hair healthy and looking great.

Reduced PMS and menopause symptoms

Women who are bugged by the symptoms of PMS and menopause can benefit from the consumption of escamoles because its vitamin E can restore proper hormone balance.

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