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10 Beauty Style Men Find Unattractive

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Most men don’t really understand women’s fashion. Sometimes they don’t even remember what you just wear on your date.

But some men has this eye for fashion and know what is really sore in the eye or unattractive to a woman. Below are some points guys don’t find amusing:

1. A cake-like foundation

A foundation is supposed to be invisible and hide the unnecessary flaws of your skin, making it more young, smooth and healthy. It’s supposed to let your beauty shine. Foundation should blend with your natural skin and improve the skin tone, not become your own skin.

2. Complicated hairstyle 

A hairstyle that looks like you’re going to have a photo session or going to a carnival. It’s good to experiment in your style, but you should know if it suits you as well. A normal looking hairstyle are preferred by guys. Most of them says, its nice to touch a hair that is free of greasy styling gels or wax, hair sprays or other hair styling products.

3. Badly shaved body

Although some women are gifted with hairless armpits or legs, or their hairs are too fined to be noticed, even when touched. Women should take care of their skin and this goes for the hair in the body as well. For most men, a smooth skin is a plus, rather than putting a good make up. It simply tells that you took care of yourself, as well as your hygiene.

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4. So much shiny, glittery and shimmery eyelids

Practicing in putting makeup is a must. But if you’re not yet good in putting those shiny eye shadow, better ask a professional to do it for you. The matte shadow should be better, for it does not cling to the eye crease. So don’t try this shimmery shadow, if you’re not used to it. Just rely on the natural sparkle of your eyes.

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5. Fake lashes or too much mascara

Choose the right mascara that does not clump. Be sure it will make your lashes sexy and tempting, not make you look like a smudge clown or with an black eye. Find a mascara that is best for you, one that doesn’t smudge under your eyes or rub off immediately for just a couple of hours. And also use some special brush to comb your lashes, to remove the clumps.

6. Bad breath and yellowish teeth

There are natural yellowish teeth because of the foods that we eat. But, having a bad breath is not good and unhealthy. You’re either unhygienic or have a medical condition that needs to be treated. Like a decayed tooth, gingivitis or you have some stomach issues that causes the bad breath.

You can use a natural whitening toothpaste or gargle to reduce bad breathe, or drink some juice. Or you can carry breath dragees in your handbag.

7. Dry skin

Another basic thing that a woman should have besides smooth skin, is a moisturized skin in the elbows or heels. A tough, dry skin is unhygienic and can make you look older. So, use moisturizers, shower gels, creams and body lotion after shower. Or if you’re into naturals, have a spa or bath in natural moisturizers like aloe vera, rose water or apply natural oils like coconut, shea butter and so on. You can apply petroleum jelly for your dry heels and elbows to make it look like a baby’s skin.

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8. Public grooming

There are lots of women who really are beautiful enough and does not need to check themselves frequently in the mirror. But some women, keep on looking at the mirror to check their faces, putting on makeup every 3-5 minutes, always combing their hair when the air sweeps in.

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Men don’t like women who are always thinking about how she looks. It ruins their illusion of a natural beautify. They like natural and effortless beauty. They don’t like to see you grooming and re-touching your makeup if they are around. Do that in the bathroom, but not in public.

9. Wrong lip liner

Use a lip liner that is closer to your lip color. Don’t use a lip liner that is much darker than your lipstick. Go for the natural shades, you will not get wrong with it. After all, makeup is not to hide your beauty but to highlight your best assets.

10. Bathing in perfume

A sweet scent is nice. A romantic and sexy scent is hot, but too much of it is quite annoying. Fragrance must only be a mist of your personality, a flavor, an aroma. Remember your scent should be like a little secret, it doesn’t divulge its whole self, but just a peek will do.

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