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How to Clean Your Face Without Using Soap

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When you switch to a more natural, gentler way of cleaning your face, it means, you’re staying away from potentially harmful chemicals that come with soaps, facial cleansers and other skin care products. It also means your face will stay naturally hydrated and you won’t need much moisturizer to have it so. Check out a few ways you can naturally cleanse your face without the use of soap.


Eliminate dead skin and keep your skin from being dehydrated by massaging raw whole milk on your face. It also aids in soothing irritations and healing wounds. You can mix a bit of mashed papaya or lemon juice with the milk if desired. Massage before rinsing.


Use fine, grounded sugar to cleanse and exfoliate the skin. Other kinds of sugar may prove to be too abrasive.

Create a paste by mixing sugar with a bit of coconut oil (or olive oil) or water. The oils can moisturize your skin as well. Aloe vera is good for oily skin. Massage before rinsing.


Papaya is loaded with nutrients like vitamins B and C, minerals, enzymes and carotenoids. The pulp also has a lot of phytochemicals like polyphenols.

Try massaging your face in a gentle manner, using a slice of papaya. You can also try mixing the pulp with honey (raw and organic) or rose water, before applying it as a face mask. Wait fifteen to twenty minutes before rinsing.


Oatmeal has saponins which does not only have natural cleansing abilities, but also rich lathering properties.

Create a paste by grinding one to two tablespoons of oats (whole) before mixing it with a small amount of water and your choice of oil. Gently massage the paste on your face before rinsing.

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You can also add milk and honey to this paste if desired.


Honey can naturally moisturize your face by drawing moisture from the air. And raw honey can heal irritated skin while reducing redness.

Mix half a cup of honey with a tablespoon or two of castile soap. You should get a foaming gel cleanser.

Coconut oil

A teaspoon of coconut oil should do the trick. Just pour it in your hands, and rub your palms to heat the oil a bit. Slowly rub the oil on your face in small circles for sixty seconds. Soak a clean washcloth in warm water. Wring out the water before letting the washcloth stay on your face. Wait for half a minute before slowly wiping the oil off. You should now have a moisturized and cleaned face.

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