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10 Surprising Things You Should Know About Deodorant

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There are things you can do with the deodorant, aside from applying it to your armpits to prevent body odor. You might be surprise on some of its uses.

Read below to find out!

1. Deodorant doesn’t completely stop the sweating.

FDA required deodorant to put labels as ‘all day protection’, though it only reduce sweat by 20%, while if labeled ‘extra strength’ then if will reduce sweat up to 30%. So if you sweat too much, you might still need a much comfortable clothing to ensure a breezy feel and to lessen your sweating.

2. Yellow stains are visible.

Studies show that its not yet proven where and how the stains from deodorant became yellow. There’s only a theory that, its aluminum-based ingredients reacts with either the skin, sweat, shirt or the laundry detergent use that caused the yellow stain. But to minimize the stain try a deodorant which are not aluminum-based.

3. It’s unisex.

There’s no difference in men and women’s deodorant, it’s just the scent or fragrance and the packaging. Most women prefer sweet a scent and guys prefer a much masculine scent. Both deodorant has the same content and ingredients, so its alright if you use either deodorant because both has the same effect.

4. Change deodorant brand every few months.

Changing deodorant can make you immune to it. So, to be sure that you’re always protected from perspiration and odor, try switching your deodorant brand every six months or so.

5. Before bed is the best time to apply deodorant

Applying deodorant is usually good before you go to bed because it’s not blocked by sweat, and will have long hours to be effective.

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6. Using deodorant on dry feet.

According to some studies, if you apply deodorant to the bottom of your feet at night, it will help fight wetness and odor the next day.

7. Not all people needs it

There’s a tip in finding out, if you’re prone to sweat a lot or not, it’s a bit gross but it can be determine by ear wax. If your ear wax is dark and sticky, you must always use deodorant. But, if your ear wax is somewhat white and flaky, then you’re good to go without wearing any deodorant or worrying if you had it. This explains that dry earwax producers are missing a chemical substance in the armpits, that serves as a food for odor-causing bacteria.

8. Kills odor-causing bacteria.

Sweat is naturally odorless, but a bit salty, while the odor is cause by the bacteria that is present in your armpits or feet. Deodorant has an antibacterial content that prevents the bacteria as well as the foul smell.

9. Can also help in your foot problem.

Just apply a deodorant on the sides of your feet to make a barrier between the shoes, thus preventing painful peep toe problems.

10. An alternative is hand sanitizer

Hand sanitizer’s alcohol content can kill bacteria in the armpits, that caused odor and helps in drying it up, so there’s no wet underarms. Just be sure not to use it frequently because it may dry out your armpits, use it only for emergency purposes.

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