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Foods to Dodge If You Have Iron-Deficiency Anemia

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Do you suffer from iron-deficiency anemia and you’re prescribed with iron supplements by your doctor? Then this article is for you. Below you will come across certain foods that are known to inhibit proper absorption of iron by the body. Your iron supplements rendered practically useless can keep you from ending your bout of iron-deficiency anemia.

Broccoli, lentils, beans, dried fruits, beef, pork, chicken, turkey, liver, fish — all of these are excellent sources of iron, a mineral your body greatly needs if you are suffering from iron deficiency anemia. There are also numerous food products these days that are fortified with iron, and they’re also good for you.

But other than loading up on certain foods that supply your body with iron, it’s also important for you to stay away from certain foods that are known to prevent proper absorption of iron. Yes, there are certain foods that can keep your iron supplements from working, as well as stop your digestive system from absorbing iron in foods that contain it.

What’s even more surprising is many of these foods that inhibit optimum iron absorption are very healthy ones, and some of them are even known to be good sources of iron, too! So without any more ado, here are the foods that you should refrain from consuming if currently you are taking iron supplements while battling iron-deficiency anemia:

Green Tea

Everyone knows how beneficial green tea is because of the loads of antioxidants every cup of it packs. Unfortunately, green tea also contains tannins that can prevent the body from properly absorbing iron. So while you are still trying to win the war against iron-deficiency anemia, refrain from brewing yourself a cup of green tea.

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Black Tea

If you think that you can simply switch to black tea because green tea is not allowed, think again. Black tea is just as good as green tea in preventing optimum iron absorption.


There are a number of health perks that coffee offers. However, it also contains tannins. No matter how irresistible a piping-hot cup of coffee looks and smells, do your best to dodge it if you are supplementing with iron.


Believe it or not, even grapes contain tannins, and that’s why you should skip reaching for a bunch of it while you are still taking iron supplements for your iron-deficiency anemia. And because red wine is made from grapes, this alcoholic beverage is something that you have no choice but to bid adieu as you try to overcome your blood condition.


Although it’s true that seeds are good sources of iron, there are compounds in them called phytates that bind with iron, keeping them from being absorbed by the body. Some of the phytates in them may also bind with the content of your iron supplements, thus making their intake practically useless for your iron-deficiency anemia.


Just like seeds, nuts have iron in them that are made useless by their phytic content. So while still trying to overcome iron-deficiency anemia, you may forget snacking on a handful of nuts.


This is definitely the biggest shocker on this list because it’s no secret among health-conscious individuals that spinach is one of the top food sources of iron. Unfortunately, spinach also has oxalic acid in it which, according to nutrition experts, can actually prevent iron from being absorbed by the body. Parsley and chocolates also have oxalic acid.

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Wheat Products

Finally, it’s also important for you to avoid wheat products because gluten in them can damage the inner lining of the intestines and prevent proper absorption of iron.

Do you have family members and friends who are taking iron supplements because they’re diagnosed with iron-deficiency anemia? Then kindly repost this article on your various social media accounts to let them know which foods they should momentarily turn their backs on if they want to put an end to their bout of iron-deficiency anemia soon!

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