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The Basics of Krav Maga

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There is an ongoing debate about whether Krav Maga is a good form of martial arts as compared to other traditional art forms such as Muay Thai, Judo, or Karate. Many experts agree that martial arts depend on the individual that decides to learn it. Krav Maga is unique from other martial art forms because it is an art that is taught only to those who wish to learn self defense. It is not meant as a competitive art form where people join competitions to best themselves in order to win a medal or a trophy. Krav Maga is a much more practical martial art form. Here is a look at the difference of Krav Maga VS other martial art forms.

Krav Maga Teaches Self Defense against Multiple Assailants

Like many martial art forms such as kickboxing, Muay Thai, and Jujitsu, Krav Maga teaches you how to defend yourself against multiple assailants at once. There are many times that you will find yourself in a situation such as a hold-up or burglary where you are faced with more than one attacker at a time. Through a series of moves, you will be able to stun or incapacitate your assailants enough to give yourself the time to escape and call for help.

Krav Maga Teaches Efficiency

Since Krav Maga is geared towards self defense and self preservation, it teaches you to do all that is necessary to inflict the maximum damage on your assailant. It teaches you to do this in the shortest period of time possible so that you may escape the dangerous situation that you are in. Keep in mind that the longer you find yourself in this situation, the more chances you have of experiencing injury or in worst cases, death.

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Krav Maga Teaches You to Act as a Soldier

In the military, soldiers are taught how to effectively and efficiently conduct combat and extract themselves from the field of battle. The principles of Krav Maga are similar in the sense that your survival is your primary objective. You are not taught how to win the battle but rather; how to stun your attacker so that you may flee and get to safety as quickly as possible.

Krav Maga Teaches Self Defense to All Ages

Many martial arts can only be practiced by people of advanced physical fitness levels. Krav Maga, on the other hand, can be learned by children 4 years of age to senior citizens of 60 years or older. It can even be practiced by people who are not physically fit to the most athletic of individuals. Krav Maga teaches women how to defend themselves from men twice their height or weight. It teaches less physically gifted people to stand up to those who are more athletic. It is not meant for sport. It is an art that sharpens a person’s reaction to another person’s action so that survival is achieved.

4 Strength Exercises Perfect for Krav Maga

Krav Maga is one of the most effective forms of martial arts geared for self defense. Krav Maga was developed to enable you to protect yourself against physical altercations that you may experience with another person. It teaches women how to efficiently defend themselves from rape and sexual harassment. It allows men to defend themselves from knife attacks, choke attacks, and even gun attacks from their assailants. In becoming an intermediate practitioner of the Krav Maga, there are numerous training exercises that you must regularly practice in order to become stronger and fitter. Let us explore some these exercises.

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Knee Strike Exercises

Since Krav Maga is geared towards inflicting damage on parts of the body such as the eyes, nose, groin, neck, and throat to name a few, a very effective exercise that Krav Maga practitioners do is the Knee Strike exercise. This exercise is simple as you raise your knee to inflict damage. Performing this exercise properly is achieved by distancing your legs far from each other so that you achieve proper balance. As you have proper balance, simply raise your knee until it reaches your hips. Keep in mind to keep your arms up so that you cover your face.

Kick to the Groin Exercise

Another essential exercise to practice is the kick to the groin exercise. This move is effective for women at stunning male assailants who are bigger and stronger than them. To achieve this move, simply position yourself in a well-balanced stance. Next, use your stronger leg to kick away from your body. Your leg reach should only be until the groin area of your attacker. The longer your leg is able to reach, the more chances you have at inflicting damage to your attacker. Always

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