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Four Proven Tips On How To Avoid Dumbbell Associated Injuries

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Most people are so excited on starting with their muscle building workouts that they ignore reading through important precautionary and safety measures to avoid accidents and injuries. We would always deny this fact, but we sure do forget about all the safety measures when we’re already in front of our dumbbells. We get so galvanized and excited that the first thing we would do is reach for them as fast as we can. That’s where little and maybe not so obvious injuries start.

So, how can we possibly avoid incurring injuries when we’re using dumbbells? This is the basic system which we all need to take into consideration before we commence our muscle building workouts –PROPER BODY MECHANICS.We always forget the fact that dumbbell set are just machines. They cannot adjust their power or strength according to a human body’s capabilities and limitations. Instead, we should be the ones with brain cells who can very well formulate safety measures to avoid injuries and unnecessary accidents.

Here are a couple of proper body mechanics tips which fitness experts and physical therapists have tried, tested, and used on their clients over the years. These body mechanics can very well apply when doing muscle building workouts as well. If we want to see results fast, we might as well do it in a safe and proper manner. Ensure your body’s overall health condition first before incorporating the use of dumbbells in your workout routine.

  •  Read Basic Proper Body Mechanics Articles – Despite the boredom which usually accompanies reading, bear with it when you need to read about how you can securely perform dumbbell exercise routines. Proper body mechanics will enable your muscoskeletal system and nervous system to coordinate properly your movements while working out.
  • Ergonomic Dumbbells – Ergonomic dumbbells or adjustable dumbbell set are weights which have several parts and components which enable you to think less of risks for injury and accidents. They’re more expensive than traditional dumbbells, but some selectorized dumbbells have handles and racks which are ergonomically designed to reduce your chances of developing sprains on your wrists and your back.
  • Bend Your Knees When Lifting Dumbbells From The Rack/ Ground – This is one proper body mechanic principle which you should always take into consideration. It is important to bend your knees, especially when you have pre-existing back conditions like mild scoliosis, etc. This will reduce the risk of straining your spinal area and your upper leg muscles as well. Bend your knees as far as they can go just so you can ensure that your body weight is equally distributed while you’re lifting dumbbells.
  • Do Stretching Exercises Before Starting On your Workout – This is also an integral component of proper body mechanics. Stretching exercises before you go about utilizing dumbbells is important so you can warm up and condition your resting muscles already. When they’re properly stretched, you can very well do a lot of range of motion exercises while using your dumbbells. You can do compound exercises without having to worry about injuring multiple parts of your body. Muscles are easily awakened by stretching exercises. It also provides you the much needed energy boost which you need when doing dumbbells-related routines and supersets.
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The secret to avoid injuries and accidents when you’re using dumbbells in your exercise routines is to ensure that your body is well coordinated at all times. You can’t blame your dumbbells for an accident or an injury. Again, they’re just equipments which wait for their owners to lift them up from their racks. Learn proper lifting, bending, and don’t overdo your workout routines –these are integral factors which you must put into practice if you want to fully utilize your dumbbells as excellent body building helpers and machines.

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