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5 Beauty Hacks to Try this Week

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Women want to look their best and as such, spend money on various beauty products that can help them maintain youthful looking skin and makeup that will enhance their assets. However, relying on these items alone may not be enough to look your best. Of course, diet and exercise can contribute a lot, but sometimes, using beauty hacks can produce impressive results. Sounds interesting, doesn’t it? Well, here are five beauty hacks that are worth trying out this week.

  • Moisturizer on foundation. Finding the right shade for your foundation is usually a hit and miss in many instances. You’ve probably heard about women ending up with the wrong shade for their skin or had the same experience but instead of being too hard on yourself because you made the wrong purchase, the good news is that you can actually help lighten the shade of your foundation. All that you have to do is a small amount of moisturizer into the mix and you will see your foundation lightening up.
  • Invest on a makeup sealer. If you are having trouble keeping your makeup in place, it is a good idea to invest on a reliable makeup sealer. A makeup sealer will prevent your makeup from sliding off your skin especially when you’re doing a strenuous activity like running or dancing. Add the sealer after you put on your makeup and you don’t have to worry about anything else anymore.
  • Make your hair extra shiny. You don’t have to go to the salon just to have shiny hair. Instead, load up on foods that are high in omega-3 fatty acids and do some deep hydrating treatments at home. To hydrate your locks properly, you might want to get your hands on some aloe vera gel and use it on your hair at least once a week. The hydrating properties of the aloe vera gel can repair and nourish hair strands and scalp to strengthen your hair and to make it extra shiny too.
  • Get more pillows. Do you wake up in the morning with your eyes puffy? Water tends to accummulate on the loose skin under your eyes especially when you’re just using one pillow. A better option would be to have your head elevated so that the water can drain to prevent puffiness. Prop yourself on two pillows to reduce puffy eyes in the morning.
  • Plump your lips with peppermint. Wearing nude makeup is all the rage these days but what makes this look even more attractive is having plump lips. Yes, there are several methods in which you can create the illusion that your lips are thicker than usual but if you don’t have time on your hands, you can always mix some peppermint oil with your lip gloss. Just make sure that you add the drops into the lip gloss container and not directly on your lips as it might cause some irritation. Not only will you have plumper lips with this beauty hack but you will smell nice too.
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