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Cuticle Repair Home Remedies

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When it comes to our nails, we tend to overlook the importance of our cuticles. This often leads to jagged cuticles that are prone to breakage. Unfortunately, damaged cuticles can cause bacteria to penetrate the nail bed which, in turn, can cause nail fungus and other bacterial growth to form. The good news is that you can actually save your nails from future problems by paying extra attention to your cuticles. Do you want to know how to repair them? Here are some home remedies for you to try.

  • Honey and lemon. The combination of honey and lemon is definitely a must when it comes to caring for your cuticles as they not only get rid of any bacteria or germs forming on your nails but also to moisturize and soothe your cuticles. Simply combine the two ingredients and apply on your nails. Leave it on for five minutes then rinse afterwards. Make sure that you moisturize afterwards because the acid in lemon can make your nails and hands dry.
  • Coconut oil. Dry cuticles can easily tear which can leave you exposed to various germs. Fortunately, applying coconut oil on your nails can help strengthen your cuticle tissue to prevent tearing or breaking. All that you have to do is to apply a pea-sized amount of coconut oil on your nails then wear plastic gloves after. Wait for 5 to 10 minutes to let the oil soak in your cuticles then wash afterwards.
  • Aloe vera. Another home remedy that will help repair your cuticles is aloe vera. This is one of the easiest remedies to be exact because you only need to apply the gel of the aloe on your nails throughout the day. You can store the gel in a small container and just apply daily to help strengthen your cuticles.
  • Honey and olive oil. For the more severe cases of damaged cuticles, you will need to prepare some raw honey and olive oil. Simply mix equal parts of olive oil and honey in a small bowl. Add equal amount of aloe vera juice into the mixture to help heal any cracks or splits in your cuticles. Mix the ingredients thoroughly then apply liberally on your nails. Massage the mixture for a few minutes so that it will seep into your skin where it can work its magic. Do this treatment at least three times in a week to help strengthen your cuticles.
  • If you have some cucumber in your fridge you’re in luck. This is due to the fact that cucumbers can actually be used to save your damaged cuticles. You can slice some cucumber then rub them on your nails. Another way to use this remedy is to grate some cucumber then apply it on your nails as a mask for your cuticles. Wash after half an hour.
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These are just a few examples of home remedies that can help you repair your damaged cuticles. There are more out there that will help save your cuticles from being ruined completely and the best part is that they are all safe to use.

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