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Getting “In the Zone”

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The “Zone”

The zone is that place where you seem to be running efficiently, focused, determined, machine-like, almost peaceful, zen level productivity. Athletes would know about this “zone”as well as writers, artists, any sort of activity or career that produces results, whether physically or creatively, getting into the “zone” is something many of us are in a constant search for. It is challenging to stay in this desired state. It takes hard work, understanding, patience, and discipline.

How to get “In the Zone”

1.Be aware of your state of mind.

Recall the last time you had a great surge or push. Find that mental space and recreate it again and again. Sometimes this gives us that extra push via emotional and mental control. Whether you use anger, pure determination, happiness, turning energy from negative to positive, competition, or whatever it may be, if it helps you get in that space where you are starting to lose count of your reps and you just want to keep on going, then do it. This is the best version of beating yourself. This is discipline. This is awareness.

2. Practice holding this state of awareness.

This is basically meditation. Getting aware, and then holding that state of awareness, that is the key. ”Using the force”as they would say, is the name of the game. Use whatever you were using at that moment of intensity. Envision your mind as an oscillator being controlled by a knob, your state of awareness is that knob and you are turning it up to 9 and holding it at 9 for as long as you can. Tomorrow or a week from now you can try turning it up to 10 and so on and so forth.

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3. Pregame rituals.

Many of us already have a pregame ritual; however, some are not aware of theirs. I urge you to know your ritual and be aware of it. Much like being superstitious, us human beings are swayed by our mental spaces, knowing exactly what routine gets you to that mental place where you are ready to attack is essential to having a good personal track record. Many professional athletes smack their team logo on the wall and the players touch the logo or hit it on the way out, other teams start with prayers, for lifters, maybe a combination of stretches you prefer and then chalking your hands before the start of your weight routines. Either way, practice makes perfect. So stay true to yourself, be aware of
your pregame, and stick to it.

4. Visualize your Victory.

Visualize your desired result/s. See yourself in that end state of satisfaction. The win. Visual your victory over this lift, curl, pull-up, sprint, whatever test and exercise you put yourself through, visualize your victory and the feeling of accomplishment. This will also aid you in getting “In the zone” and will help you maintain your confidence, to keep you pushing further and further, swimming farther and farther from your comfortable shore, and plunging deeper and deeper into unknown territory, which is where progress lives. Man only knows where he/she has gone before.

5. Try using verbal cues.

Whether it is a mantra of yours or simply just encouraging words that help spark you into place, do not underestimate the power of words. Sometimes just telling yourself to
“GO, GO, GO!”or “You got this!”can really help you accomplish your goals. I like the good old “One last push!!!”and I just keep saying this to myself throughout a 30 minute session, which really gets me “In the zone”.

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Basically you can get creative, there are no rules. Find what pushes you, what verbal cues, and repeat. It can also be related to your current exercise or movement, or strictly motivational. Whatever gets you over the hill.


makes perfect.It will not be as easy as this 6 step article is to read. It will be a life practice, everyday. Practice this meditation. Practice getting “In the zone”as much as
possible. You will see the difference immediately when you do. I know life is full of distractions; however, this is a direct way to deal with those distractions. The goal is to learn to master your awareness, your mind, and your body. The more you practice, the more you learn, the more you progress, the greater your understanding grows, as well as the value of which you have come to appreciate.

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