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These Beauty Uses of Ginger Root Will Amaze You

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Ginger root or simply ginger is a very well-known culinary and medicinal herb. Not too many people, however, realize that it’s also something that may be employed as a beauty agent, capable of dealing with so many skin issues — from those nagging light-colored scars to those irritating red-colored pimples.

So read on if you have some fresh ginger lying around your kitchen. The following are some of the most unbelievably nifty ways of using it for you to look your best:

It Makes Your Skin Firm

Creams and serums for warding off sagginess and wrinkles do not come cheap! Luckily, you don’t have to get your hands on any of those super expensive products just to make your skin look firm — you can always depend on a little fresh ginger root to take years off your face.

All you have to do is peel a small piece of ginger and have it grated — the finer, the better. Afterwards, mix 1/4 teaspoon of it with a teaspoon of raw and unfiltered honey. Mix very well and smooth the mixture evenly all over your face. Allow about 5 to 10 minutes to pass and then thoroughly wash your face with cold water.

It Zaps Pimples and Acne

Ginger possesses both antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties, and this is the reason why you may utilize the said culinary and medicinal herb for eliminating pimples as well as acne.

What you need to do in order to get started is grate a small piece of peeled ginger root. Using a cotton swab or your clean fingertip, daub the juice on pimples and acne. Let the juice stay in place for about 20 minutes to give it enough time to kill off bacteria and control inflammation. Rinse off with water very thoroughly afterwards.

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It Reduces Light-Colored Scars

You may also rely on fresh ginger to deal with those really annoying scars that are light in color. You can easily come across plenty of home remedies for dark-colored scars when you log on the web. However, the same thing cannot be said for light-colored scars. Well, now you will learn how to deal with them using ginger!

Start by peeling a small piece of fresh ginger root. Afterwards, have it finely grated. You may then start applying the juice on those trouble spots. Do not rinse off immediately — allow 20 to 30 minutes to pass before you do so. Do this very simple solution once or twice a day for several days to improve the appearance of light-colored cars.

It Controls Dandruff

Fresh ginger root is also an amazing dandruff fighter, in particular the kind that is brought about by a fungus — yes, you can consider dandruff as a skin fungal infection! However, ginger root may also be used for dandruff that is due to eczema or psoriasis affecting the scalp.

You can start dealing with dandruff cheaply and effectively by massaging about a tablespoonful of grated ginger on your scalp before you shampoo your hair. Allow it to stay on your scalp for about 15 to 20 minutes, then shampoo.

It Makes Hair Thicker and Healthier

Even if you do not suffer from dandruff, you may still take advantage of fresh ginger root if your goal is to be spotted with thick and healthy hair. Ginger can do that because it helps improve circulation to the scalp.

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All you need to do is massage grated ginger root on your scalp several minutes before having your mane shampooed. Doing this promotes an increase in the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the hair follicles in your scalp — this will encourage your hair to grow so much faster and also to become a lot healthier.

Do you have lots and lots of beauty-conscious family and friends who spend tons of money on costly cosmetic products? Then have this article reposted on your various social media sites to let them know that looking fantastic need not leave them broke — something as cheap and accessible as ginger root offers so many amazing beauty perks!

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