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Eat These Fruits If You Have Insomnia

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Drinking a glass of warm milk, sipping a cup of chamomile tea, taking a whiff of lavender essential oil, getting a soothing massage, enjoying a relaxing bath, listening to calming music, popping a melatonin pill in the mouth — we all know that these are some of the most effective all-natural solutions for insomnia.

Are you aware of the fact that eating certain fruits can also help you get some much-needed restorative shut-eye at night?

This article will have you introduced to fruits that are scientifically-proven to help beat insomnia effectively, so don’t stop reading now if taking a sleeping pill that can cause all kinds of nasty side effects is not one of your options.

Got lots of family members and friends who regularly complain about not being able to get a good night’s sleep? Then make sure that you share this article afterwards on all of your social media sites before you go so that they, too, may learn that snacking on the following fruits can actually help them catch some sleep:


Everyone knows for a fact that a banana is a phenomenal solution for constipation. Not a lot of people are aware that this elongated fruit is also something that can help alleviate insomnia because it contains magnesium, a mineral that helps relax the body and also increase GABA, a chemical in the brain with sleep-inducing properties.


It’s not just a banana that can supply your body with good amounts of magnesium, but also an avocado. What’s more, an avocado contains good amounts of healthy fat and B vitamins that can help alleviate anxiety. It’s common knowledge that one of the many complications of suffering from anxiety is insomnia.

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Speaking of B vitamins, there are lots of them present in prunes. That is why snacking on a handful of prunes before hopping into bed at night can help you pay dreamland a visit without trouble. By the way, the consumption of prunes is also phenomenal home remedy for constipation.

Tart Cherries

Melatonin is certainly the top supplement for insomnia as this naturally-existing chemical can help regulate your sleep-wake cycle. Are you aware that there are certain fruits that can encourage the synthesis of melatonin in the brain? One of those is tart cherry, and that’s why most online articles about naturally beating insomnia commonly mention drinking a glass of tart cherry juice at bedtime.


Worry not if you cannot get your hands on tart cherries as there are alternatives to those that you can easily get anywhere at any time of the year, and they’re none other than grapes. Needless to say, enjoying a few pieces of grapes nightly can help boost your brain’s melatonin content and thus put an end to your insomnia.


You can also count on pineapples if you are having a hard time getting to sleep at night because they, too, help promote synthesis of more melatonin. If you have acid reflux, however, refrain from having pineapples — they are highly acidic and thus can leave you with a nasty case of heartburn that can definitely leave you wide awake throughout the night.


There are a couple of reasons why pomegranates are excellent alternatives to sleeping pills. First, they encourage a boost in the levels of melatonin in your brain. Second, they are like some of the fruits mentioned in this article in that they are also loaded with magnesium that helps promote relaxation and GABA production.

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After giving some of the above-mentioned fruits a go, feel free to come back to this site and kindly tell everyone which particular fruit really helped you get 7 to 9 hours of sleep without taking a sleeping pill.


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