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Top Exercise Myths

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You think you know all the facts and tidbits about being fit? You may be surprised to find out that most of the things you know are in fact fiction. It’s really easy to believe this so called facts or tips about exercising. The power of the word of mouth. You heard someone at the gym said to someone in the gym about this and that and you tend to pass that tip around without even checking the validity of it. Like the game we used to play as kids, the further the line the sentence, or in this case facts or myth about exercise the more convoluted it becomes.

Don’t get easily fooled. According to experts the world of exercise and fitness is filled with myths and half-truths. Some of these myths can be keeping you and your friends and family from getting the optimum results for your exercise.

There are some myths that are harmless and mostly true, but there are myths that can be harmful. Some myths can cause you to regress in your workout and lead to injury. A myth can start when someone gets a particular reaction to a workout that can affect other people differently. This is how some myths can be effective for some, but not most people.

When it comes to myth, it is best to find your own truth. Find things that are going to be effective for your and bust the myths that are doing more harm than good.

To help in busting this so called exercise facts and helping you have a safer, healthier and more effective workout. We have conducted the guidance of several top fitness experts on these famous myths and the truth about them.

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Running On a Treadmill Will Cause Less Knee Injury than On Pavement

It is said that running on a treadmill is easier since it includes padding and softens the impact on the knees, unlike running outside where the pavement can cause a harder impact on the knees. Nonetheless, research has shown that runners actually modify their stride when running on the treadmill and running outside. People that tend to use treadmill have bouncier run that can also impact the knees and may cause them to over-stride. The key to preventing impact on your knees is form and stride.
You Have To Replace Your Running Shoes Every Six Months
This depends on your running habits, shoe size, running shoes and running style. When the lining of your shoe starts to wear down, you can replace it. A study was done during the early 90’s about the life expectancy of your running shoes. The subject was asked to wear different style, size and material of running shoes for 600 miles. It showed that shoes can be worn safely after the long mile. The factor that you should consider is the feel of your shoe. If it is starting to feel uncomfortable or painful, replace it.

Stretching Will Prevent Any Injury

According to a study held in 2013, stretching does not lower the chances of injury nor is it applicable for a post running activity. The study has shown that stretching can slow down your speed during running. It is also shown that subjects that performed weightlifting exerted less force. We’re not saying you shouldn’t stretch, but when it comes to situational sports reconsider.

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Sweat Means a Good Workout

Our body naturally produces seat to regulate our internal body temperature and cool off the skin. Sweating is a sign that our body needs to cool itself. There are different and effective exercises that don’t require you to sweat like a fountain. So, don’t think that just because you didn’t sweat as much you didn’t get a good workout. This goes the other way round too, doesn’t mean you sweated a lot you burned a lot of calories. This can only mean you have retained a lot of fluids in your body.

Sweating Removes Toxins

Going to the sauna or steam room to sweat out your toxins isn’t as effective as you think. Most of the toxins we extract from our body are removed through the gastrointestinal tract and one percent passes through our sweat glands.

Before believing every tip and tricks you hear at the gym or anywhere else always check for the validity of it. This can save you a lot of time and effort. Instead of adapting these myths. You’ll be able to work out safer and more efficiently with proven facts.

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