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Breakthrough South American Plant Treatment for Infertility and Tumors

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An exotic plant, famously known for making bread and drinks, is now an effective treatment for various health issues.

South Americans have revealed that Manioc or Cassava, is a strong remedy for infertility, arthritis, and strong headaches. The plant’s leaves are a great source of protein, carotene, and lysine, while the root is rich in calcium and Vitamin C. One may even develop stronger bones and improved resistance as bonuses with the consumption of cassava. Latest research by Lankacnews.com reveals that the plant is also an effective treatment in fighting tumors.

Prior to eating, the plant needs to be cooked thoroughly to eradicate its small concentration of poisonous cyanide. When consumed for its medicinal benefits, cassava needs to be peeled, chopped into pieces, and immersed in alternating hot and cold water. After cooking, refrigerate the soaked cassava leaves for two hours. When the leaves have soaked, the leaf-soaked water may then be placed in another liquid solution such as water or a fruit juice, and be consumed every morning before breakfast.

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