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Know This Anti-Aging Exercise You Should Try

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What is this exercise that can keep you younger or slow the aging process? A recent 1-year study conducted by scientists from Taiwan had confirmed just that.

Let’s find out all about it…

A traditional sport and martial art called Tai Chi has been found to show anti-aging benefits. The scientists conducted a year-long study comparing the anti-aging and rejuvenating effects of Tai Chi by having three groups of volunteers under the age of 25. One group engaged in Tai Chi, another group performed brisk walking and the last group under the no exercise habit.

What’s the result? The group performing Tai Chi had a increase in number of their specialized cells known as CD34+, a stem cell that is very important to the body’s structures and functions. They further explained that this specialized cells which are markers for blood stem cells are involved in the self-renewal of cells.

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The scientists also stated that Tai Chi increases blood flow and prompt vasolidation. It also seems to be the most convenient and easier choice of anti-aging exercise compared to brisk walking in terms of space availability.

Now that you know the benefits of Ta- Chi, there’s no harm in trying it out.

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