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Drink This to Burn Almost 500 Extra Calories a Week

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According to fitness experts, 1 pound of fat is equivalent to 3,500 calories. This only means that burning 500 calories per day allows you to drop 1 pound per week.

Did you know that there’s a drink that can help you to get rid of 490 calories per week?

That’s almost 500 calories! Needless to say, consuming it every single day allows you to ditch nearly 500 calories by the end of the week, thus making it so much easier for you to be 1 pound lighter after a week — all you need to do is look for ways to eliminate the remaining 3,000 calories to stay on track.

No, there is no need for you to search far and wide and shell out a huge sum of cash just for you to be able to get your hands on this seemingly magical weight loss drink.

You actually have easy access to it — right this instant, you can in fact reach for a tall glass of it and then consume it.

This drink that allows you to burn almost 500 calories per week is none other than water — and that’s no joke! Just see to it that you keep your body hydrated very well for the entire week by consuming about 2 liters of it every single day and that’s it — you get to eliminate practically 500 calories once the week is through.

Such fact is backed by science, and the same cannot be said for a lot of weight loss pills, capsules, teas, juices and shakes available on the current market.

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Can’t believe that something as simple as consuming a glass of water is enough to make you get rid of nearly 500 calories every week just like that? Well, read on as here are some of the reasons behind it:

It Helps You Eat Less

Water is a matter, and matter takes up space. Needless to say, drinking plenty of water before having a meal leaves very little room for food, which is great news most especially if you’re someone who tends to overeat.

According to experts, it’s a good idea for you to have a tall glass of water half an hour before a meal.

This gives your brain plenty of time to pick up the message from your stomach that it’s nearly full, and this spares you from having a voracious appetite.

Here’s an added tip: go for sparkling water as it takes up more space.

Sparkling water is just like soda in that it contains air bubbles, but it is completely devoid of the nasty things in soda such as artificial colorings, artificial flavorings and calories. Just see to it that the bottle of sparkling water in your hand is plain — the kind that comes in a fancy flavor is very much likely to be packed with calories.

It Speeds Up Your Metabolism

Are you aware of the fact that your body needs sufficient amounts of water in order for it to be able to convert calories into fuel with much efficiency? It goes without saying that staying hydrated is a must for a speedy metabolism.

Unlike coffee, relying on water for a faster-running metabolic rate won’t give you unfavorable side effects such as heart palpitations, dizziness, nausea, anxiety and hand tremors.

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Here’s an added tip: opt for ice-cold water as it can really accelerate your metabolism.

Experts say that it takes a lot of energy for your body to regulate your core temperature, which can be disrupted by the consumption of cold water. Half an hour before working out, have a tall glass of ice-cold water and take plenty of sips of it, too, as you exercise to keep your metabolism running quickly and also stay hydrated.

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