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6 Amazing Benefits of Zucchini

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Summer is just around the corner and squashes like zucchini are sure to come out in markets and groceries. It doesn’t matter whether you’re growing your own vegetable or frequent the stores to buy one, eating zucchini has numerous health benefits that you will enjoy. What benefits can you get from this succulent squash?

  1. It is good for the heart. One of the benefits of eating zucchini is the fact that it is good for the heart thanks to the potassium that it contains. Potassium is known to help regulate blood pressure and since zucchini has about 295 milligrams of it per cup you are already getting the required amount of potassium per day.
  2. Helps with weight management. If you are trying to lose weight, adding zucchini to your diet is useful because of its high fiber and low calorie content. Eating zucchini not only helps you feel fuller for longer periods but you also don’t have to worry about calories piling up because of its low calorie count. Plus you get to burn more fats in the process.
  3. Keeps you hydrated. Since zucchini contains about 95% water, there is no need to worry about dehydration. And since you are properly hydrated, your metabolism can keep on running so you will lose weight. What’s more, if you are well hydrated, your skin will look better, your muscles will have more energy, plus your kidneys will be in good health. The best part is that the water present in zucchini will make you feel less hungry than before.
  4. Good for the eyes. Zucchini is also good for the eyes because of the presence of lutein which is a type of vitamin A that is needed by the eyes. Eating this vegetable, therefore, can help improve your eyesight while at the same time keep eye diseases, such as cataracts, at bay.
  5. It is packed with fiber. Another benefit that you can get from eating zucchini is that it is packed with fiber which helps with your bowel movements. The dietary fiber that is present in this vegetable slows down the movement of food in your system which means you won’t be craving for snacks any time soon. This means that you will be able to lose weight or at least maintain your present weight with this vegetable.
  6. Prevents cancer from occurring. The fiber that is found in zucchini can help prevent buildup of carcinogens in the colon while at the same time boost one’s bowel movements. What’s more, vitamins A and C are considered as anti-oxidizing agents that function by destroying any carcinogens present thus keeping you risk free from various cancers.
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As you can see, these are just a few health benefits that you can gain out of eating zucchini. Regardless of whether you eat the vegetable raw, grilled, or cooked, you’ll reap plenty of benefits that will definitely help boost your overall health. For sure, you will be adding zucchini to your list of vegetables to buy the next time you buy groceries for the home.

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