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Amazing Beauty Uses for Cilantro

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Some prefer to call it cilantro while others choose to refer to it as coriander. No matter which of its names you prefer, cilantro is something that can be used for dealing with a number of common beauty issues faced by a lot of women. Use this common culinary herb in the right way and you are sure to shine!

If you like to know some of the most amazing beauty uses for cilantro, read on. Do you have family and friends who are into all sorts of all-natural beauty regiments? Then share this article on your various social media accounts to let them know, too, how they can use cilantro as a replacement for some of their expensive cosmetic products.

Both the leaves and seeds of cilantro are commonly used for making an array of dishes — including most especially a lot of Mediterranean ones — taste and smell savory. This is courtesy of their pungency.

The various chemical compounds that make cilantro leaves and seeds pungent are what can help you attain near perfection in the cheapest and most natural of ways. Cilantro is also packed with antioxidants. Everybody knows that antioxidants are very much capable of shielding the skin from damage and aging caused by free radicals.

One of the best ways to employ cilantro for beauty purposes is by having it included in your diet on a regular basis. Doing such allows for beautification from the inside out. You can add cilantro to your diet simply by whipping up dishes that contain it, or just by turning cilantro leaves or seeds into tea.

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But then you may also employ cilantro topically. You can do so by applying a decoction or infusion of it using a cotton ball, or by pounding the leaves and stem and utilizing the resulting poultice.

Let’s now check out some of the beauty uses for cilantro that you may have never heard about before:

It Alleviates Acne

You can count on cilantro during acne flare-ups because it is capable of controlling inflammation — acne is inflammatory in nature, skin experts say. Cilantro actually has antimicrobial properties, too, making it very good at keeping acne from showing up. You may also employ cilantro for dealing with pimples.

It Eases Skin Diseases

Psoriasis and eczema — these are problems with the skin that cilantro can help ease so effectively. Again, it’s for the fact that it is capable of battling inflammation. Aside from improving the lesions associated with psoriasis and eczema, cilantros also provides relief from one of their nastiest symptoms, which is severe itchiness.

It Shrinks Gigantic Pores

Cilantro has astringent properties, too, which means that it is capable of shrinking tissues of the body. It’s because of this reason exactly why it may be utilized for making large pores appear smaller. But it’s not just finer skin that can result from the use of cilantro, but also regulated production of sebum or skin oils.

It Removes Nasty Odors

The smell and antimicrobial properties of cilantro make this very common culinary herb a wonderful alternative to your favorite deodorant, keeping your underarms from smelling terrible. You may also use cilantro for deodorizing your feet. Chewing on a couple of cilantro leaves or seeds can help make that bad breath go away in a snap.

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It Thickens Mane

Whether you are suffering from hair fall or you are unhappy with your thin hair, you can count on cilantro to attain the mane of your dreams. Many swear by its effectiveness in preventing hair fall. Aside from accelerating hair growth and thickening your mane, cilantro is also known to make one’s tresses stronger and shinier.

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