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Essential Oils: A Natural Remedy for Depression

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“Feeling down and out”
“Not in the mood”
“Feeling beside yourself”

There are many ways to say it but no matter how hard you try to
conceal the emotion, the common tone shared by the phrases clearly show sadness and depression. Life is a rollercoaster of
highs and lows and these emotions will pester us once in a while, but when these feelings are present every single day of your life,
we have serious problem.

Let’s take a closer look at depression so we can fully understand what it is, what the source is, and what YOU (yes, you!) can do
to reduce depression the natural and effective way. We’ve
included four essential oils that can help reduce depression.

What are the Signs of Depression?

– Constant Sadness
– Moodiness
– Consistent Fatigue
– Low self-esteem
– Low sex drive
– Loss of appetite

Surprisingly, depression is commonplace and there is a high possibility that someone you know personally might be suffering
from it right now (and you won’t even notice). According to the United States Department of Health and Human Services, the
most common mental illness in America is depression.

What Causes Depression?

– Chronic stress
– Alcohol
– Emotional problems from the past (or present)
– Hormonal imbalances
– Toxins in your body
– Lack of sunlight exposure (believe it or not, this causes depression)
– Poor diet, which eventually leads to nutritional deficiencies
– Food allergies

Oftentimes, prescription medications are given to people who have depression. The scary thing about these medications is the negative side effects such as suicidal thoughts which eventually lead to suicide if not dealt with at the soonest possible time, and personality changes that are very uncommon.

Are there natural ways to help fight depression and reduce symptoms?

Yes. This is where essential oils come into play. You can incorporate the use of essential oils, a known natural remedy
to cure depression, into your wellness plan.

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How Does It Work?

It has been proven that essential oils help elevate a person’s
mood. This was evident in examinations conducted in clinical trials. When the oil is smelled, the scent immediately travels
to your brain and triggers emotions. The limbic system, which
is responsible for your basic fears and drives, inspects and evaluates the sensory stimuli and eventually files it under pleasure, pain, safety, or danger. Think of the movie, Inside Out.

These stimuli create and direct your emotional responses. Different feelings such as anger, fear, depression and attraction are all part of these responses. Scents are powerful–they have a strong connection with memories and emotions. Fresh baked
cookies take you back to childhood memories with your
grandparents, and the scent of your lover’s perfume reminds you
of date nights in the city. These memories, basic emotions, and even hormonal imbalance are your body’s direct responses to
these scents. In conclusion, since the scent of essential oils can trigger positive emotions and bring back happy memories, it can also help treat depression and anxiety.

The Top Four Essential Oils that can Help Treat Depression:


– The source is a plant that produces something similar to a citrus fruit.

– An effective antidepressant because the scent is very stimulating.

– Improves blood circulation.

– The scent creates feelings of joy, energy and freshness.

– Treats anxiety naturally.

2. Lavender

-The source is a small aromatic shrub that’s part of the mint family.

– Its medicinal benefits have been used to help combat depression for centuries.

– The scent relieves stress and improves sleep.

– Unlike psychotropic drugs which are usually accompanied by
countless negative side effects, using lavender oil to help cure anxiety and depression has no adverse side effects at all.

– Highly beneficial to those who are suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) because the scent helps improve the mood. A study of people with PTSD showed that using lavender oil everyday decreased depression by 32.7%, drastically decreased sleep disturbances and moodiness, and helped improve overall health.

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3.Roman Chamomile

-Promotes relaxation and helps fight stress.

-Helps treat depression by providing soothing qualities.

-The Alternative Therapies in Health and Medicine and Pharmacognosy Review highly recommends the inhaling
of chamomile (oil) because it naturally remedies anxiety and depression.

4.Ylang Ylang

– Removes negative emotions linked to depression.

– Lowers your stress response because it has mild sedative

– Puts your body and mind in a relaxed state.

– It has immediate positive effects on your mood when inhaled.

– Helps you get rid of negative emotions such as low self-esteem,
jealousy and anger.

How do we Use these Essential Oils to Treat Depression?

1.Get an oil diffuser. Drop some of the essential oils inside it and place it beside your bed before sleeping. This will help relieve your stress and improve your sleep.

2. Rub the essential oil be hind your ears, stomach, bottom
of your feet and the back of your neck.

3. Put a few drops on your hands, place them gently over your mouth and then slowly breathe in and out several times.

4. Treat yourself to a self-massage using this very relaxing blend
of essential oils to help treat depression:

  • 20 drops lavender essential oil
  • 20 drops chamomile essential oil
  • 2 ounces grapeseed oil

Pour the ingredients in a glass jar, blend, and at night, use the mixture to massage your hands, neck and feet. You can bring the blend of essential oils to professional masseuse to use during your massage.

Safety Tips when Using Essential Oils

As tempting as it is to keep smelling these essential oils with the hopes of speeding up the recovery process, there are still some things to consider. Essential oils should be used sparingly and more importantly, make sure you’re using 100% pure essential oils. Too much use may trigger allergic reactions so just to be
on the safe side, use the essential oil on a small area of the skin before using it regularly. If it’s your first time to use essential oils, consult your doctor before starting especially if you are taking blood pressure medications, have an existing heart condition, and
are pregnant or breastfeeding.

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Never Forget:

1. Depression is the most common mental disorder in the United
States and it has affected millions of people.

2. Depression is treatable and there are natural ways to do so. Using essential oils is an example.

3. You can either apply the essential oil on your skin, or put
it in an oil diffuser.

Depression has different effects on different people which results
in various treatment plans. Using the top four essential oils is
safe, natural, and it can help lower the anxiety and stress levels
in your body. Doing so can help release negative emotions and reverse feelings of depression.

There is power in knowledge and it is best to share this knowledge so you can take good care of yourself and the people around you. Share this information about essential oils with people who matter to you. Who knows, you just might help someone find his or her way out of depression.

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