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How Are Skinny Jeans Bad For Your Health?

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Skinny jeans may look hip and stylish, but did you know that they can be detrimental to health too?

It was only recently that medical doctors documented the case of a woman whose legs swelled up so bad as a result of wearing skinny jeans. The incident was so bad that the patient was unable to walk and move that they had to cut through the jeans just to free her distended legs.

After thorough diagnosis, experts diagnosed the patient to be suffering from compartment syndrome. This conduct is due to consistently increased pressure within a tight space. In the case of the woman, her legs were confined in extra tight skinny jeans that the circulation to the lower extremities was badly affected.

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Wearing skinny jeans can be deadly. As the legs are confined within a tight space, the blood flow to the legs is severely impaired in addition to this, the nerves  and the muscles are in serious danger especially if the wearer does heavy activities while wearing skinny jeans. You can even have muscle and nerve damage if you wear ultra tight skinny jeans for extended periods of time.

Here are other conditions that may be potentially caused by wearing a pair of extremely right denims.

  • Meralgia Paraesthetics

In our modern times, this condition is also referred to as “the skinny pants syndrome.” The condition develops when a nerve or a system or nervers are constrained by the skinny jeans. Nerves that are responsible for both supply and movement of blood in the lower extremities experience compressed sensation on the high region.

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The distinguishing symptom of the skinny pants syndrome is tingling sensation of the legs. There may also be burning or shooting pain that starts on the legs and may extend up the upper knees and the buttocks. The pain may intensify if  a person is exposed to heat and sunlight.

  • Urinary problems

Tight jeans constrict the blood flow to the groin region. As the tight jeans adhere to the skin, it can cause irritation. The tight-fitting nature of skinny jeans may put immense pressure on the bladder resulting in exacerbation of existing bladder infections.

People who are already suffering from urinary tract infection are warned against wearing jeans with extra tight bottoms.

  • Reproductive issues among men
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Men who wear super tight skinny jeans may suffer from a condition called testicular torsion, a condition where thee testicles may twist in an abnormal position. Men who regularly wear skinny pants may experience reduced blood circulation in the groin area leading to further testicular damage. Although there have only been a few cases reported, the condition is extremely painful that men seek immediate help when the pain and discomfort set in.

  • Heartburn

If you are wearing ill-fitting tight pants that are not based on your measurements, you are at risk of putting excessive pressure on the abdomen.  The stomach is then displaced upwards resulting in heartburn.

  • Lipoatrophia Semicircularis

Also known as ribbed thighs, this condition is characterized by lesions or skin indentations on certain areas of the thighs,

The development of ribbed thighs may be due to a variety of factors, including wearing of tight-fitting jeans. If you remain in a seated or squat position for a long period of time, lesions or depressions will appear on the thighs.

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