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Aside From Cucumbers, Which Fruits and Vegetables Can Beautify My Eyes?

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Everyone agrees that placing cucumber slices on our peepers is the best way to get rid of eye puffiness and also those dark circles. Did you know that there are also other fruits and vegetables that you can count on each time you are not completely happy with the way those windows to your soul look?

Whether you have no access to cucumber slices or you just want to explore your other options, continue reading — this article is made exclusively for you!

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This tropical fruit can make your eyes just as bright as its color. That’s because it contains enzymes with gentle exfoliating properties, helping to remove excess dead skin cells most especially under your eyes.

What’s more, the said enzymes are capable of reducing excess pigments, thus making papaya so effective against those unflattering dark circles under the eyes. All you need to do is leave thin slices of papaya on your eyes while relaxing. Or you may also simply mash a small piece of it with a fork and place under your peepers.


Just like papaya, you may mash a small piece of ripe banana using a fork. Leave the mush under your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes, giving its enzymes plenty of time to carry out their beautifying job.

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Don’t throw away those banana peels because you may also employ them for reducing eye puffiness and those dark circles. What you need to do is cut those banana peels into squares and then place over your closed eyes for a few minutes. Allowing them to chill in the refrigerator beforehand is a wonderful idea!


When avocados are in season, rejoice! That’s because you have easy access to a solution for eye puffiness and dark circles that provides results almost instantly.

Using a fork, mash a small piece of ripe avocado and apply under your eyes. After a few minutes, rinse off with cold water. Since avocados contain healthy fats, you may also count on them to eliminate fine lines and wrinkles that tend to develop around the eye area!


Thin slices of potatoes not only make for healthy homemade chips, but also phenomenal home remedies for eye puffiness as well as dark circles.

All you have to do is leave slices of potatoes on your eyes each time they seem swollen. This solution is also something that can help get rid of those darkened areas under your eyes because potatoes have very mild bleaching properties. Other than leaving potato slices on your eyes, you may simply smear a little potato juice under your eyes, too.


Burgers and sandwiches won’t be the same without lettuce. Similarly, your physical appearance won’t be the same if you don’t rely on it for ridding your eyes of swelling and dark circles.

Make sure that there is always a stash of lettuce in your refrigerator. Each time that your peppers seem puffy and the area below them appears dark, simply place a couple of chilled lettuce leaves on your eyes. This home remedy is also known to work so effectively against bloodshot eyes.

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