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Worst Beauty Disasters

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What is your worst beauty disaster ever? What did you do to get out of it and how did you get there in the first place? You’re not the only one who has gone through some tough beauty disaster. These things aren’t avoidable, we all have to go through them someday. Hopefully, you won’t get into deep beauty trouble. Well, who better to ask about beauty disasters than the ones that
are asked to fix them. We’ve asked a few hair stylist, skin specialist and makeup artist about their worst beauty
disaster or once they had to fix; and how they found their way out. Read on about this stories to prevent them from
happening to you, or at least know what you have to do to fix them.

It’s A Stinker

One stylist shared with us an experience he had with a gym instructor client. This client was required to sweat A LOT for her job and she rarely washes her hair. She ended up getting really stinky locks and oily hair. Normal hair washing wasn’t enough to remove the smell and required professional help. He took
on different products that could reduce the smell. After shampooing, they blow dried her hair and stench started to come from it. The whole salon started to smell like body odor. On her next visit, he decided to take more drastic actions in removing unwanted build up, dirt and oil. He used a bit of dish detergent on the roots three times. This can dry the hair out, but it can surely reduce the smell. People, wash your hair every time you sweat too much or your hair becomes too oily; you can get body odor on your scalp.

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Tie Died Fiasco

One time a client who recently bleached their hair decided to go swimming during her vacation abroad. She emerged from the pool with streaks of red and green in her hair. It seemed like the color from her brightly colored hair tie and chlorine dyed her. The clarifying shampoo was able to reduce the redness in her hair, but the green remained. Since bleaching her hair again to remove the
color is dangerous, they have had to find another way. She didn’t want to get her hair done in the salon so we recommended a
home remedy; Nail polish remover. The polish remover can lift the color of your hair and won’t create as much damage as a bleach would. A small damped cotton ball is enough, don’t shower your hair with nail polish remover. Make sure to avoid colorful hair ties when going swimming unless you plan to tie dye
your hair.

The Brow Job

One makeup artist shared with us her stressful wedding day makeup story. On the day where the bride was supposed to get her trial for her wedding makeup, she completely bailed. She t
old the makeup artist to just arrived in the morning since the wedding will be held in the evening to get a trial. She arrived early to her destination and was completely shocked at what she saw. The bride had thick and dark tattooed eyebrows. Not only that, it was also new. The skin was still a little inflamed and the tattoo placed a bit too high. The bride admitted that she got her brows tattooed just a few days ago and expected it to heal by her wedding, she completely regrets the decision. The makeup style she wanted for her wedding didn’t match her harsh brows. As a makeup artist, she had to make it happen. She tried on different concealers to hide the brows, but due to the skin condition it was still visible. She applied light eyebrow pencil to create fake natural brows and somehow it manages to hide the tattooed brow
completely. She finished everything with a lot of setting spray to make sure that the brow stays in place.

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At Home Tanning

An esthetician shared with us an emergency situation she had to deal with. A body builder come to here with red, peeling and discolored skin. He said he was trying to save up on some money for his body building career and decided to skip professional tanning for his competition. He was really pale and wanted to go really dark. He created a scary concoction of different homemade remedies for tanning and ended up giving himself skin irritation. The only way she could treat it was to use water based products, medication and begged the client not to apply anything
until everything completely heals. He didn’t listen, he applied petroleum jelly on her skin to reduce irritation. Petroleum jelly holds the heat from the burn. This caused his condition to worsen and left noticeable patches in his skin. When trying a remedy at home always do a patch test and follow professional advice.
Have you ever gone through a really bad beauty disaster and manage to escape it unharmed? Share with us your stories and tips! Help other people to prevent the same

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