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Stop Your Skin from Chafing

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Have you ever experienced chafing in the worst areas of your body? That irritating feeing when you get them in your legs from walking? Chafing is no fun, and is best to avoid it at all cost or prevent it from getting any worse. Chafing occurs when our skin tends to rub against one another. This leaves the skin raw, irritated and painful. Many women suffer from inner thigh, upper arms and under boob chafing. This is often caused by excessive walking, exercising and large breast. Don’t worry, you are not doomed to living the life of having this skin irritation every time you plan to move. There are a lot of simple tricks you can do at home that can stop and reduce chafing. Try these out and look forward to a chafing free workout every time.

Use The Right Clothes

If you tend to chafe after a rigorous workout, then your outfit may be using the wrong outfits. Clothes that can absorb a lot of moisture such as cotton and synthetic fiber can cause chafing and further irritate it. When picking out workout gears, try looking for ones that would repel moisture. Don’t skimp onother areas, use ones that won’t absorb moisture in chaffing prone areas such as the thighs, under arms and chest. This can help you work out with ease and prevent the skin from getting darker due to
constant friction with moisture and fabric.

Talcum Powder

The best way to reduce the irritation from chafing and making sure it doesn’t get worst is to remove any moisture in the affected area. You might think that the moisture would be good since it can lubricate thearea making movement easier. However, moisture can further irritate the skin and cause it to acquire
more heat. This what we are preventing. We want to keep the skin dry and itch free. You can reduce the moisture without irritating the skin by sprinkling in a good amount of talcum or alum powder in areas that chafe or is prone to chafing. The powder will soak up the moisture and prevent your skin from
sticking together due to moisture. You can easily acquire these powders in your local stores. Try putting them on before you leave home and feel the huge difference.


This appears like contradicting tips to powdering. However, there are certain items that can be used to lubricate the skin when movement is inhibited by chaffing. If you are having a hard time lifting your arm due to the irritation, you can slather on a good amount of petroleum jelly to allow the skin to glide from
one another and not have any resistance. This will cut the risk of chafing and better option for the inner thighs and chest. Another great alternative is lanolin. Avoid anything that can make the skin sticky such as lotions, sweat and other thick creamy products.


This really works wonders. If you are prone to chafing or is currently suffering from one, you need to reduce the amount of sweat you produce in these areas as much as possible. The simple way to do that is to use an antiperspirant. Yes, the ones you use in your underarm. The night before or after showering, apply a thick layer of antiperspirant in areas that are prone to chafing and allow it to dry before applying any of your clothes. Use clear products to avoid getting stains on your clothes.

Anti-Chafing Garments

Thanks to technology, there is almost a product for everything. A great invention in fashion is anti-chafing clothes. These are stylish yet, useful undergarments that were specifically designed to reduce chafing. These items reduce the tension on the skin by reducing friction, moisture and tightness. You can look in your local shops or brands to see which ones caters to this type of clothing. This is really great underwear, especially during hot summer days.
The best way to prevent chafing is to reduce the amount of friction to your skin. You can reduce the irritation from chafing by making sure it is always dry. Wet skin can irritate the skin more and cause the chafing to be more painful. Powders are really great for reducing the moisture. If your chafing is causing too much pain, that walking and other activities become too much of a hassle, go to your dermatologist. They can prescribe you with medication that can help reduce the pain.
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