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Eyeliner Tricks for All Eye Shapes

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Eyeliners are very much part of every woman’s makeup kit which isn’t really surprising given that this tool can actually enhance one’s eyes. Some have mastered the art of applying eyeliner while others are struggling how to make this makeup work for them. This is understandable because we don’t have the same set of eyes and have the same shape too. This means that what works for one doesn’t work with the rest of us. So how can you make your eyes look amazing with eyeliner? Well, here are a few tricks for you to know.

Upturned eyes

For those who have upturned eyes, a thin line will suffice. Add a little wing at the ends and connect it with the line under your eyes and you will be able to complete your cat’s eye look. Go easy on the eyeliner especially under the eyes so as not to overwhelm your look.

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Almond eyes

Women with almond eyes can make their eyes speak volumes with the right eyeliner trick. To start, you will need to create a thin line beginning from the inner corners. Start with a thin line that becomes thicker as you move your eyeliner outwards. A self-sharpening eyeliner will work just fine for this job.

Downturned eyes

If your eyes are downturned, you will want your eyeliner to start thin from the inner corner then becoming thicker as you swipe outwards. Extend the wing of your eyeliner a little bit beyond the eye shape while giving it an upward angle. This helps lift your eye so that your eyes will appear bigger.

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Hooded eyes

For those who have hooded eyes, you want the focus to be on your eyes themselves and not on the lids. This means that you will need a thicker, winged line with a few swipes of mascara to give your eyes the oomph that they need. The best way to get the job done is to use a marker with tapered tips so that you will be able to accomplish the task with just a single swipe.

Round eyes

If you want to reduce the roundness of your eyes, your goal would have to make them oval in shape. You can achieve this by swiping your liner on the top lash lines then thickening on the middle part of your lids. This will give your eyes that oval shape instead of round. Experts recommend that you choose a liner that comes in gel-cream formula for the best results.

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Wide-set eyes

Women who have wide set eyes know how difficult it is to minimize the space between them. Well, the good news is that you can use your eyeliner to create the illusion of a smaller distance between your eyes. To do this, experts recommend that you apply thicker or a more pronounced line starting from the inner corners of your eyes then narrowing as you move outwards. To achieve a bolder and thicker line, opt for eyeliner that has a plus tip so that you will be able to give that thick look with just one swipe. 

Who said that applying eyeliner is not for everyone? Figuring out the shape of your eyes can make it easier to use your eyeliner to your advantage. And once you have indeed mastered applying this makeup product, you will be able to make your eyes speak volumes compared to before. The best thing about using eyeliner is that they come in a variety of formula and shades so experimenting on them is highly recommended. You will find that changing the color of your eyeliner from black to white or brown can add more oomph to your peepers and even make others pay more attention to your eyes when you talk to them.

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