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Reasons to Add Some Lablab Beans to Your Diet

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Some people may not take lablab beans seriously because of their name. However, the truth is they are some of the most nutritious legumes all over the planet. They’re super versatile, too — they can be used as alternatives to kidney beans, white beans, mung beans and black-eyed peas.

If you want to know more about lablab beans most especially the health benefits they can bring, read on. Don’t forget to share this article afterwards to introduce your family and friends to them, too!

Lablab beans are also sometimes referred to as hyacinth beans, Australian peas, Egyptian kidney beans and Indian beans — they are highly popular in India. Experts do not know where lablab beans originally came from, although they believe that it is native to certain regions of Africa.

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These days, lablab beans come aplenty in areas of the planet where the climate is hot. Aside from Africa, it is commonly cultivated in many parts of Asia and Latin America.

According to experts, lablab beans are toxic when raw. But this does not mean that such fact should discourage you from adding them to your diet. That’s because the poisonous substances in lablab beans can be neutralized through boiling. Once boiled, feel free to incorporate lablab beans to your favorite recipes.

Lablab beans are usually added to soups and stews. They are also very popular additions to a variety of rice and meat dishes. Some people love adding cooked lablab beans to their salads.

Here are some of the reasons for you to regularly consume lablab beans:

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They Supply Your Body With Protein

Especially if you are a vegetarian, make sure that you incorporate lablab beans to your diet as often as possible. Doing this helps ensure that you get all the protein that the body requires for building muscles, maintaining healthy skin, hair and nails, and also the manufacturing of hormones and enzymes.

They Lower Heart Disease Risk

Lablab beans contain potassium, a mineral that is known for lowering the blood pressure. It’s for this reason why the intake of these legumes may help ward off heart disease as high blood pressure is a risk factor for it. Lablab beans also have fiber that lowers cholesterol, thus further shielding the heart from harm.

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They Keep Constipation at Bay

Speaking of fiber, it’s a great idea for you to add some lablab beans to your diet if you are prone to having constipation. The fiber they contain creates bulk that makes it easier to remove toxins and waste materials in the colon. A diet that’s high in fiber, according to experts, may also lower one’s risk of having colorectal cancer.

They Also Help Lower Blood Sugar

If you have diabetes or you’re told by your doctor that you are at high risk of it, then consider adding lablab beans to your diet on a regular basis. Thanks to their fiber content, they can help in maintaining healthy levels of sugar in the blood, thus fending off the many different complications of hyperglycemia.

They Eliminate Unwanted Pounds

Based on numerous scientific investigations, lablab beans have the ability to promote weight loss. Evidently, it’s for the fact that these legumes are heavy on the stomach, plus they are very low in calories and saturated fat. Since lablab beans also help build muscles due to their protein content, they encourage a speedier metabolic rate.

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They Strengthen the Bones

Lablab beans also supply the body with calcium. As everybody knows, calcium is one of the most important minerals for having the bones strengthened and one’s risk of osteoporosis reduced. There is also phosphorus and vitamin D in lablab beans, both of which are role players, too, in strengthening the bones.

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