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USC Researchers Discover Quick Immune System Recovery Solution

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A strong immune system is an important element to achieve optimal health and wellness. Disease can be easily prevented as the body can fend off disease-causing bacteria with a healthy immune system. However, with the modern way of life, and the non-organic food that is easily available to us, our immune systems are weakening with time.

Recently, a group of scientists from the University of South Carolina, conducted some research on how to improve and regenerate one’s immune system and discovered that fasting is key to optimal health. Studies reveal that as little as eight days of fasting may be helpful in improving one’s overall health and strengthening one’s immune system, in addition to shedding a few pounds.

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According to scientists, fasting two to four days a month every six months causes stem cells to awaken from their normal sleeping state and to start regenerating themselves. The research also showed that fasting destroyed damaged cells and caused new cells to be born resulting in a reinvigorated and renewed immune system. And after the fasting, the body will start to generate new blood cells when the normal nutrients start flowing back in the bloodstream.

“If you start with a system heavily damaged by chemotherapy or aging, fasting cycles can generate a new immune system” Longo said in a university press release.

The clinical trials are not yet finished, but the research is promising and they are coming out with more amazing facts about the body’s immunity.

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