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Reasons to Give Lapsang Souchong Tea a Try

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Lapsang souchong tea originates from China, and it is regarded as one of the very first black teas all over the planet. It possesses a smoky taste because preparation involves drying the tea leaves over burning pine wood.

Just like black and green tea, lapsang souchong tea also comes from the camellia sinensis plant, which means that this Chinese tea is full of benefits. However, experts say that you should consume no more than 6 cups of it per day. Otherwise, you may start experiencing all sorts of unfavorable side effects as the tea has caffeine.

Without further ado, let’s check out some of the reasons why you should try consuming lapsang souchong tea:

It Helps Improve Cardiovascular Health

Antioxidants present abundantly in lapsang souchong tea helps keep cholesterol in the food you eat from being oxidized, therefore keeping them from accumulating in the arteries. It’s not a good idea for your arteries to end up clogged because it can diminish the supply of oxygenated blood to your organs, like your heart.

It Lowers Stress Levels

Lapsang souchong tea contains an amino acid called L-theanine, which has relaxing properties. It’s exactly for this reason why a cup of the Chinese tea can help in reducing your stress levels. Since there are many complications associated with chronic stress, it’s of utmost importance for you to keep your stress levels to a minimum.

It Improves Mental Functioning

What’s so great about lapsang souchong tea is it can promote relaxation without causing your brain to work sluggishly. Actually, it helps enhance blood flow to the brain, thus improving its functioning. That is why consuming this healthy beverage is ideal if you are stressed out but have plenty more of office or home tasks to carry out.

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It Strengthens Your Immunity

Consuming lapsang souchong tea on a regular basis can help in making your immune system strong. In other words, enjoying a cup of it can save you from going down with all sorts of infections. Already bugged by the common cold or flu? Drink this tea anyway as it can help you attain relief from the nasty symptoms.

It Encourages Reduction of Weight

Caffeine present in lapsang souchong tea helps accelerate the metabolism, thus encouraging the body to burn unwanted calories. This results not only in weight reduction, but also an increase in energy. By making you feel energetic, you can become physically active which bumps up lapsang souchong tea’s ability to promote weight loss.

It Helps Control Inflammation

According to scientists, inflammation is something that can give rise to a number of health problems. It’s due to this why effectively keeping inflammation at bay can help you attain optimum health. One of the many things that you may do to combat inflammation is by regularly drinking antioxidant-packed lapsang souchong tea.

It May Lower Your Cancer Risk

Studies have shown that numerous active compounds in lapsang souchong tea may actually keep deadly cancer from striking. That’s because they have the ability to shield the DNA of your cells from being damaged. So in other words, your risk of having cancer may be considerably reduced with the help of this Chinese tea.

As you can see, there are so many health perks to enjoy for drinking lapsang souchong tea on a regular basis. This black tea form China can be easily purchased from reputable herbal and health food stores online and offline.

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However, since the said tea contains caffeine, make sure that you do not consume it in excessive amounts. This is most especially true if you are sensitive to caffeine. If you have an existing heart disease or currently pregnant, it’s a good idea to let your doctor know about your plan on taking lapsang souchong tea.

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