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Remember to Drink These for Sharper Memory

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Can’t remember why you drove several miles to get to the grocery store because you misplaced your shopping list? And before you hit the road, did you spend minutes trying to find your car keys?

Your memory may be failing you, which is not a good thing because there are simply far too many stuff to remember most especially in this fast-paced world. Fortunately, sharpening your memory can be as simple as sipping a few beverages that are scientifically-proven to help in improving brain functioning and one’s memory.

So without further ado, make sure that you reach for a glass of the following on a regular basis if you don’t want some of the most important matters you need to remember lost in oblivion:

Carrot Juice

If you think it’s something that’s great for your peepers only, think again. Scientists say that beta carotene in carrot juice is also good for the memory — it’s an antioxidant that wards off inflammation of the brain and helps keep your memory sharp. Unlike most other vegetable juices, carrot juice has a pleasing and mildly sweet taste.

Beet Juice

Another vegetable juice that you may consume to keep your memory in optimal shape is beet juice. It is said that this particular drink helps make sure that your brain is supplied with nutrient- and oxygen-containing blood. As a bonus, the intake of beet juice helps prevent high blood pressure, courtesy of its nitric oxide content.

Tomato Juice

Just like beet juice, tomato juice is very good at lowering the blood pressure because it’s rich in potassium. It also comes loaded with antioxidants, most especially lycopene, that are well-known brain cell protectors. By the way, tomato juice is also great for keeping your skin looking beautiful as it contains vitamins A and C.

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Pomegranate Juice

Studies say that pomegranate juice is superb at promoting blood circulation to the brain. This means that those hardworking brain cells of yours get to obtain all the nutrients and oxygen they need for functioning and survival. Experts say that pomegranate juice is actually much better drink for your noodle than red wine and green tea.

Berry Smoothies

Smoothies fan? Then make sure that you regularly whip yourself up a serving of berry smoothies — just about any berry will do as all of them are packed with antioxidants that keep the memory from becoming dull. However, it’s a wonderful idea to mix and match different types of berries for superb health benefits — and exciting flavors, too!

Hot Cocoa

Do you love chocolates? Then you are not going to have a hard time welcoming a cup of hot cocoa into your life. It’s also the beverage for you if you want to stave off memory decline. Antioxidants it contains help save the brain cells from getting damaged. Just make sure that you skip excess cream and sugar when making a cup of it.

Your Favorite Joe

Even something as simple as drinking coffee can help in keeping the memory sharp, say the experts. This doesn’t come as a surprise because caffeine in it is a well-known booster of cognitive functioning. Also, loads of antioxidants present in coffee can help in preventing memory decline. But do stay away from coffee with all sorts of fancy extras!

Various Teas

No matter if you prefer black tea over green tea or red tea over white tea, just go ahead and have a cup of it on a regular basis if you want to keep your memory in a superb working condition. Various teas have l-theanine, an amino acid that helps reduce chronic stress and combat insomnia, both of which can wreak havoc to your memory.

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Which of these beverages you find very helpful in sharpening your memory? Don’t forget to share it below!

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