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Natural Ingredients to Use for Your DIY Products

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The cosmetics and skin care products that we are using are riddled with chemical ingredients that we are not even completely aware of. If you’ve been paying attention to the ingredients listed on the label, you will find that most of them are chemical based which are dangerous to our skin. No wonder people are looking for safer alternatives to their skin care products lately.

That said, some are willing to consider making their own skin care products just to avoid the chemicals from harming their skin. The question now, however, is what natural ingredients to use? If this is your first time to make your own products, these natural ingredients can be used.

Base oils

Any DIY skin care products that you are going to use should use base oils or carrier oils especially when you will be using essential oils in your recipe. Coconut oil is typically used since it is familiar to everyone, it is cheaper compared to others, plus it is tasty too. Another plus to coconut oil is that it has calming and healing properties which are also good for the skin.


Another ingredient that you can use in your DIY skin care products is beeswax which is a known thickening agent. You can use this when making lotion bars, lip balm, baby skin care products, and even foot cream just to name a few. Start with a small amount then add until you have reached your desired consistency.

Essential oils

One of the most common ingredients that are typically used in numerous DIY products is essential oil. Essential oils are typically made from the bark, fruit, seed, flower, root, or leaf of a plant making them safe to use. Think peppermint, lavender, and basil oils just to name a few.

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Arrowroot powder

This powder may be used in cooking especially when you want to thicken the sauce, but it seems that it can also be added to natural recipes such as baby powder, dry shampoo, deodorant, diaper cream, and the like. It does work like cornstarch with the exception that it doesn’t have any GMO.


Butters work just like base oils do, but there is a difference between the two and that is butters tend to solidify when at room temperature. This natural ingredient is typically used as an anti-aging solution for the skin because of the antibacterial properties that it contains. You’re probably familiar with shea butter but it seems that most people are in favor of cocoa butter because of its scent which is reminiscent of rich dark chocolate.

Liquid carrier oil

There are some DIY recipes that need to be thinner compared to others just like in the case of baby oil, lotions, and even after-shave balms which cannot be achieved when you use butters or coconut oils. Fortunately, there is an alternative available in the form of liquid carrier oil like almond oil, olive oil, or even apricot kernel oil. The latter has the gentlest scent while almond oil doesn’t have any scent to it. Most use olive oil in their recipes because it is cheaper, plus the scent can be masked with essential oils.


Another natural ingredient that is worth adding to your DIY recipes is botanicals such as calendula and aloe vera. These ingredients have their own healing and soothing properties that are good for your skin. You can add them in your facial masks and lotions if you like. The best part? You can grow them in your own backyard for easy access.

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