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Health trends 2015

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What is spiralizing? What are the benefits of bone broth? Here are some of the famous names in health and nutrition, giving us information on what to eat in 2015 and how we’ll be eating them.

2014 was a big year for healthy eating with kale, vegetable juicing and the 5.2 diet in the spotlight, and twice as many healthy cookbooks sold. What will 2015 bring? Here are some of the big names in health and nutrition with their thoughts on the future.

Jasmine and Melissa Hemsley predict more bone broth. They believe that bone broth, on which nearly all soups, stews and sauces are based, will be making its return this year. They also mentioned that bone broth will be coming back as an “affordable, sustainable and healthy go-to ingredient.” They think that bone broth, with its minerals and collagen, can be very good for the skin, and that healthy fats can help take in fat-soluble vitamins like Vitamin D.
They also mentioned spiralizing, which turns vegetables into pasta-like strips, as a “secret weapon for the health-conscious cook”. Through spiralizing, vegatables can be crunchy in a salad or covered in hot sauce or marinated in dressing. The Hemsleys predict this too will become more popular in 2015. A julienne peeler (spiralizing machine) is affordable and it works with squash, cucumber, carrot, beetroot or celeriac. These are all low carb and low calorie alternatives to the regular pasta.

Michael Mosley expects that people will be moving away from all kinds of sugar, not just refined sugar, but also natural sugars in fruit juices and smoothies. He predicts some fats will be replacing sugar in people’s diets as studies have showed that dairy products like butter and yogurt are back to being good for everyone. He also said that with different kinds of berries, yogurt can be a great low-sugar meal.

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Rosemary Ferguson thinks that people are realizing now how important the digestion of food and absorption of its nutrients is to health. You can eat the healthiest food but if the gut isn’t functioning well, the body won’t be able to absorb the good parts of the food. She also mentions how her clients have started noticing their digestion and how they have started taking measures to improve it. Rosemary believes this trend will continue in 2015. She gives examples like oats and herbs which are all good for the guts.

Ferguson then goes on to discuss inflammation and how it creates problems for our health. She suggests that people adopt an anti-inflammatory diet and stay away from inflammatory food. She recommends vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds, fresh fish and lean meat over alcohol, coffee, red meat and sugar.

Ella Woodward noticed that in 2014, people began to take their health more seriously and watched what they ate more closely. She believes this will lead to a healthier 2015. She notes that there is an increasing number of people discovering how tasty healthy food can be. With nutrition giants Hairy Bikers and Hugh Fernley-Whittingstall making and pushing healthy food, Woodward expects its effect on the rise of healthy eating to continue.

Woodward thinks business establishments such as restaurants will be providing healthier food since people are now more willing to try new things. She says that we should all expect to see more vegetarian meals and kale and quinoa in menus. To keep in line, supermarkets will also begin selling cold pressed juices and more ready-made salad.

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But Woodward goes to say that the change won’t just be in restaurants and supermarkets. She says that the change will extend to people’s homes as well. There is already an increasing number of people who use less refined sugar, gluten and processed ingredients when they cook. She foresees this trend will go on and develop further in the future.

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