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The 10 Bad Tooth Brushing Habits you Must Correct

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Usually the first mistake is to pick up the wrong sized brush since our teeth comes in all sizes and shapes. A brush head too big will put a strain on your jaw to keep it more open also making it difficult to clean each tooth’s nook and crannies. A brush that is too small of course won’t be as effective.

Secondly, the bristles are a commonly overlooked on how’d they would affect our gums and cleaning performance. It’s best to go for angled bristles that are softer to avoid gum injuries rather than stiff ones that go straight down.

The third mistake we make is forgetting the brushing technique in our routine. You have to brush with shorter, gentler strokes at a 45- degree angle to get more muck out. Make back and forth motions around the teeth and then do circular/vertical movements on the entire tooth area. Brush your tongue softly afterwards and the inside of your cheeks to get rid of more bacteria, finish off with a thorough mouth rinse.

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Fourth rule is brushing your teeth at least twice a day, though scrubbing down 3 times a day is preferable to kill bacterial growth if eating foods with lots of preservatives. Tooth brushing neutralizes acidity generated by such foods.
Mistake number 5 is brushing more than thrice a day, you don’t want to brush your gums into recession and your enamel thinning down.

Sixthly, change up your brushing routine! Upper left first oppose to your usual lower right to surely get more clean area in the long run.
We tend to forget our inner tooth surfaces for number 7 on bad tooth cleaning habits. More bacteria and hard-to-remove plaque will develop this way.

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8, Rinse that brush head properly! These are our mouths we’re talking about, rinse and shake off your cleaning instruments well of any toothpaste or they will ironically be a breeding ground for harmful bacteria (and that can stink!)

And for 9, pay attention on how you leave your bristles, if they are damp or dry enough. Overly damp brushes attract bacterial cultures. Make sure you let the bristles dry before placing them in a confined space like a bag.

Lastly, bad habit number 10 is not changing your toothbrush enough. Bristles get worn out, slightly bent and when used for too long can become painful, bacteria-ridden and a cause of negative gum conditions. Replace good quality toothbrushes every 3 months or until signs of wear and tear is too obvious.

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