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Natural Remedies for Freckles

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Freckles are cute little spots on the face that can add more charisma to your look. However, these freckles often appear due to sun damage. It can cause a permanent pigmentation on the skin that is hard to cover up. Freckles are not a serious medical condition, it can appear in any race or gender. Freckles do not have any negative effect on the body and at times can give definition to the face. Though, some people would prefer to get them removed.

Freckles can appear all over the body. It can appear in a deep brown, brown and red color. People that have a fair complexion are more prone to freckles. Circular spots may appear all over the body, especially in the upper body, cheeks and nose. These freckles appear due to the accumulation of melanin that surface through the skin. Melanin pigment can increase due to various reasons. It can occur from sun exposure, hormonal imbalance and can be hereditary.

There are a lot of medical and medicinal treatments for freckles. There are skin bleaching, chemical peeling, laser treatment, retinoids and more. This product can cause a lot of money and the treatments should only be performed by professionals to avoid harming the skin. Natural remedies are a safer choice when it comes to freckles. Some of these remedies can help lighten the appearance and some can remove it completely. Before trying any expensive treatments or products, give natural remedies a try. Below are some well-known natural remedies for freckles.

Sour Milk and Sour Cream

A common ingredient in sour milk and sour cream can help reduce or remove freckles. Though, freckles that are caused by genetics cannot be cured with this remedy. The lactic acid in sour milk and cream can help lighten the skin and prevent tyrosinase from producing more freckles. Tyronsinase is an enzyme that can help reduce the appearance of pigment on the skin and reduce the production of melanin. There is also synthetic tyrosine that is widely used in ki lightening products, though this artificial content has proven its efficiency. The best way to go is to go natural. The beast natural way to prevent tyronsinase is through lactic acids, the natural tyrosinase inhibitors. Wash your face and apply sour milk on and rinse off with water. Repeat this 4 times a day. Apply sour cream mask and leave it on for 20 minutes. Wash off with water and pat dry.

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Sake or Rice Wine

Kojic acid is one of the main ingredients in skin lightening products and you obtain this material through the fermentation of malting rice. Sake is a popular alcohol beverage from Japan that is obtained through distilling rice. During fermentation, the Kojic malt turns into Kojic acid. Sake can help eliminate freckles with the help of the Kojic acid in sake. You can use sake as part of your moisturizing routine or add it as an ingredient to your facial mask. Create a sake based facial mask with 4 products, a teaspoon of sake, one teaspoon of honey, 3 teaspoon of oatmeal and one teaspoon of yogurt. Mix all of these ingredients together and apply on your face. Leave it on for half an hour and wash off with cold water. After applying prevent staying under direct sunlight and apply moisturizer.


The citric acid in lemon can help lighten freckles. Lemon also contains natural bleaching properties that can help reduce the pigmentation on the skin. Other citrus fruits such as limes and oranges also contain natural bleaching properties. So, if you don’t have a lemon handy, you can always use an orange or lime. Take a fresh slice of lemon and rub it on your freckles and leave it to dry. Wash it off with lukewarm water. Repeat this every day until you achieve the desired result.


Papaya is a well-known natural ingredient in the whitening products. This is due to the papain enzymes that can help exfoliate the skin and help produce new cells. Papain like sour cream contains a tyrosinase inhibitor, which can help reduce melanin production. Create a papaya mask by mashing ripe papaya and applying it on your freckles. Leave it on for ten minutes and wash it off.

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We hope one or more of the natural remedies help lighten or remove your freckles. These natural remedies require patience and consistency to show optimum results. Keep up with your regimen and get that spotless skin you’ve always wanted.

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