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How to Choose the Best Nail Shape for You

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Let’ us talk about one of our favorite topics, Nails! Nails, we all have it. We have fingernails and toenails. We both love them equally, but we need to pay more attentions to our fingernails. The finger nails are more visible and used in our day to day activities. It is one of the few things that also give us that feminine touch. Having beautiful nails can help elongate the hands, make them appear more feminine and make it appear thinner. One of the main things that can put emphasis into your hands is having the right nail shape.

Through the years, the beauty industry has been developing ways to help us improve our physical appears from pore refining lotions to ways to style eyebrows. It wouldn’t be long when they manage to develop ways to improve the nail’s appearance. Besides using fashionable nail polish and nail accessories, there are now different nail shapes. Each nail shape can help enhance the hands’ appearance and the person’s style. Below is the list of nail shapes and easy ways to pick the right one for you.

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Round Nails

This is the classic ways to shape your nails. It’s simply rounding off your nails near the shape of your finger tip. Round nails are great for people that use their hands to work all the time. For example, people that type in a computer all day or people that write the whole day. This nail shape is more durable than the other nail shapes. This nail shape is also ideal for people with brittle nails. The shape of the nail can prevent tearing, breaking and chipping of the nails. If you really want to keep it safe cut your nails short. However, this nail shape is not ideal for people with short fingernails, stubby and short fingers. This nail shape can make the fingers appear shorter and larger than usual.

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Square Nails

Square nails are the popular nail shape nowadays. A classic square nails accompanied by a chic French manicure. This nail style can fit any occasion. It looks professional and stylish at the same time. This shape actually draws attention to your fingers and hands. Square nails look best in medium to long nails. The shape of the nails can also make it more vulnerable. The edges of the nail shape are more prone to breaking and nail polish from chopping from the edges.

Squared With a Rounded Tip

This is when you get to combine the best of part of two great nail shapes. If you’ve been using the regular square nail shape, try this instead. The shape of the nail can actually make it more durable. It can help reduce the risk of breaking and chipping on the edges. The rounded tip can also help make the nails more useful. The tip can make scratching and grabbing on to things much easier. File the top of your nails from a square tip to gently round out the tip, but still maintaining that strong edge. This nail shape is great on different hands shapes, but looks best on medium to long nails.

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Pointy Stiletto Nails

Incredibly long and pointy nails are a must have accessory this summer. This nail shape is what you call the most hip and avante garde out of all the nail shape. It can look incredibly stylish and fresh, but one of the hardest nail shapes to manage. The males are more prone to damage and make the simplest task harder. Typing on your computer will be harder, wearing contact lenses impossible and washing your bottom harder. Though, stiletto nails are impossible to do at home with natural nails. You need to use artificial nails.

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Almond Shape

Almond shapes are for medium to long short nails that create an almond like nail shape. This is the weakest natural nail shape. It looks feminine and makes the hands appear more delicate. The nail can also make the fingers look longer and slimmer.
What do you think about these nail shapes? Have you chosen the best ones for you? Next time you go to your favorite nail salon request for your ideal nail shape and see the effects for yourself.


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