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8 Steps to Find Motivation When You Are Stuck in a Rut

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Many times in life, people find themselves stuck in an unproductive and dull behavior known as a rut. This behavioral pattern is an obstacle that many people have difficulties overcoming especially because most do not know exactly how to conquer it. When being stuck in a rut, some people fall behind in their work and business ventures. Some fail to be good at being parents, siblings, and friends to others.

Being in a rut is something that almost everybody must experience at one point or another and the only effective solution to conquer this pattern is to get motivated. Here are top ways to find motivation when you find yourself stuck in a rut.

Why People Get into a Rut

Being physically and mentally exhausted, lacking excitement, lacking motivation, lacking purpose, these are all causes to a person getting stuck in the behavioral pattern known as a rut. It is almost impossible to predict when exactly it will occur; yet people seem to experience this at the most inconvenient time of their lives.

Even the happiest, most mentally stable person can experience this and getting over it requires mental strength, emotional balance, and a willingness physically to work at it. Of course, in order to have all these attributes, you need to find the proper motivation, which is easier said than done. Finding motivation can be done anytime and anywhere. You simply just have to have the right mind set. Let us begin.

1. Be Honest with Yourself

Most people who get stuck in a rut hide their true feelings and pretend that everything is okay, when in reality, they know something is wrong. Being honest with yourself allows you to internally evaluate what difficulties you are going through. It allows you to battle fear, loneliness, despair, and whatever else is hindering you from being your true productive self. It also allows you to list down the reasons why you are going through a tough time in life. By listing down these reasons, you could seek professional help or talk to family or friends who you know have gone through something similar. When you know exactly what is affecting you, this is the first step to getting over your rut.

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2. Go Out and Surround Yourself with People

People who get stuck in a rut experience bouts with depression, lethargy, and apathy. This is why many stay locked inside their homes as they feel embarrassed to see friends and family.

Others feel that they will not be good company if they go out to see family and friends. When you drag yourself out of your room to see other people, this interaction can basically give you perspective because you will encounter people who are doing well in their lives. By talking to them and finding out why they are in such positive states can actually motivate you to strive for what they have.

3. Do NOT Compare Yourself with Others

As you find yourself down in the proverbial hole, comparing yourself to friends or family who are doing much better will only work to bring you deeper into the hole. While being honest with yourself is an effective means of getting out of the rut, comparing yourself with others is discouraging and unproductive. You have to view your predicament as objectively and personally as possible. Others simply do not have anything to do with what you are going through momentarily.

4. Shake Things up and Do Something Different

One of the largest reasons that people get stuck in a rut is because their lives are repetitive. Having events repeat over and over again can lead you to believe that you have a boring life that is not that much worth living. In order to break from the repetitive cycle, it is recommended that you go out and do something new. Try travelling somewhere where you have never been. Take up a hobby that you would never consider taking up in the past. Trying something new provides you with exciting and unfamiliar experiences that can revive your creative juices. This is why artists such as musicians, painters, and writers keep being creative in their respective fields.

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5. Exercise Regularly

For some people, they view getting into a rut as a mental state. This perception is definitely inaccurate because it is both mental and physical aspects that people get stuck in a rut. When you lack endorphins being released by your body, your brain cannot secrete serotonin which can play a very important role at stabilizing your mood. Whenever you exercise, your mood stabilizes and you develop a clearer mind. Having a clear mind is crucial to being able to focus on the problems bothering you in life.

8. Eat Healthy

Another effective tip to get out of your rut is to eat healthy. When you constantly eat junk food and other types of fatty food, your body lacks the proper vitamins and nutrients to be active in your life. Being stuck in a rut means that your mind is already lazy and lethargic, therefore, why add to that by having a lazy body? Conquering your rut requires jumping into action, which is only possible if your mind and body are healthy.

9. Avoid Taking Drugs and Alcohol

Since depression, sadness, and despair are feelings that most people go through when they are in a rut, many deal with these by drinking or taking drugs. You must avoid these at all costs because these vices only make your mind and body worse. When you take drugs or alcohol, you get an immediate sensation of happiness and excitement followed by a very long crash, wherein you feel depressed and worthless. When these emotions mix with the rut that you are in, you are actually digging yourself into a deeper hole which may be even more difficult to climb out of.

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10. Seek Professional Help if Necessary

If you still find yourself in a rut after accomplishing all previous steps, it is time to consider seeking professional help. Seeking help is not a sign that you are a lost cause, but rather, it is an effective way of dealing with your problems professionally and systematically. Psychologists are well experienced individuals who know how the mind works. They will work with you by giving you numerous new and effective techniques of finding motivation, which will help you get out of your rut.

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