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Tips on How to Balance Hormones Naturally

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Our hormones play a role on our overall health, from controlling our mood, to regulating our weight, and even preventing bloating from happening. But if you think that raging hormones happen during teenage years, or when a woman has her period or are entering her menopausal stage, think again. As a matter of fact, hormones can also affect children and men too. If you are going to take an in-depth look to all of our bodily functions, you will learn that hormones will appear. So, if you are bloated, irritable, and the like, it might be that your hormones have become imbalanced and need to be fixed. Here’s how:

Eat liver

If you are looking for natural ways to bring balance to your hormones, adding liver to your diet is good for you. What’s great about liver is that it has a rich nutritional profile and is one of the best sources of vitamin A. We all need vitamin A as it assists our thyroid and liver function which can improve our hormone production.

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Opt for natural sweeteners

We are all guilty of indulging our sweet tooth by eating foods that contain artificial sweeteners. The problem with white sugar is that it doesn’t have any nutritional value, plus it wreaks havoc on our hormones too. What’s more, your blood sugar levels tend to spike and then crash afterwards which can affect our mood and our hunger too. If you want to be able to sustain your energy levels, choose natural sweeteners instead such as Stevia and organic, raw honey. They contain nutrients as well as healing properties for your body.

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Do yoga

Most of tend to sit for hours due to the work that we do. Unfortunately, this can also affect our hormones because the toxins aren’t eliminated properly. A good rule of thumb that will help you with your hormonal imbalance is to do some yoga stretches, such as putting your legs up against the wall while lying down. This causes the lymphatic system to be able to dispose of the toxins from our body. Even simple yoga routines can work wonders too.

Get more lean fats

What else is there to do to keep your hormones balanced? Healthy fats are basically these clean as well as lean fats that are commonly referred to as omega-3 and omega-6 essential fatty acids. Omega-3 can easily be found in wild-caught fish as well as other seafood which should appear in your diet too.

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