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Old School Beauty Hacks That Always Work

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In these modern times, there is no shortage of beauty products and tools that can help us keep our skin and our hair looking their best. And although many of us are already happy with these beauty and skin care products, how come our grandparents and parents even, still look amazing even without the use of these commercial products?

Well, there are beauty tips and tricks from the past that are still useful even today, and if you tried them out, you’ll probably think why you didn’t listen to your elders in the first place. Here are a few that you should try:

Cold water

Did you know that cold water can help eliminate the puffiness or redness of your face? The cold temperature can help constrict the blood flowing in your face, thus lessening the redness to it. This is quite a simple trick, since you only need to fill a bowl with cold water and a few ice cubes. Keep your hair out of the way, then dunk your face in it. Hold this for 8 to 10 seconds then stand up. Not only will the pores of your skin will tighten up, but you’ll feel wide awake too.

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We often use aspirin when we have a bad case of the hangover, or when we are dealing with a headache, but did you know that it has other uses? As a matter of fact, aspirin is quite useful when you have blemishes because this medicine contains salicylic acid which is typically used in many acne-fighting products. Just crush a few tablets of this medicine, mix in some water until you create a paste, then apply on the affected areas. You will notice that the puffiness as well as redness will gradually disappear.

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Tea bags

After all the hours we spend staring at our computer screens, our eyes often feel tired and puffy because of the strain that we put on them. You’ve probably bought cooling packs for the eyes, or eye gels that you can chill in the fridge. Well, another technique to reduce puffiness and reduce the redness and irritation on our eyes is tea bags. Steep two bags in hot water for three minutes then pop the tea bags in the fridge. Place each tea bag on your closed eyes and leave them there for 10 minutes. Just sit back and relax for 10 minutes.

Invest on silk pillowcases

You might think that your grandmother is feeling a bit extravagant with her use of silk pillowcases, but there is a reason why she does this. Silk is actually good for your hair and skin because there is less friction happening between the hair strands. This means that your hair will not get tangled up, plus your skin will not rub too hard on the pillowcase too.

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Apple cider vinegar

What other old school beauty hacks should you try out? If you have run out of toner, why not try apple cider vinegar instead? The acetic nature of this vinegar actually helps tone your skin and even brings back the pH levels of your skin. To make this solution, mix four parts with 1 part apple cider vinegar then apply on your skin using cotton balls or pads.

DIY exfoliating scrub

Since there were no scrubs sold during your grandparents’ time, they relied on natural ingredients to keep their skin looking great, such as in the case of sugar and olive oil. All that you have to do is to mix 2 parts sugar to 1 part olive oil or coconut oil even. Rub this on your skin in circular motion. Rinse afterwards with warm water.

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