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Strengthen Your Bones With High-Impact Exercises

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One of the many deteriorations that happen when we age is reduction in our bone density. This means that our bones loses strength, and it may result to weak posture,osteoporosis,
and become more prone to bone fractures. Aside from having proper diet and making sure that we get the essential nutrients such as calcium, being physically active is
also useful.In particular, studies show that doing high-impact exercises will help create stronger bones.

Exercises and activities with higher impact are essential for stronger bones because they trigger bone growth. Naturally, younger people engage more in high-impact activities since they feel more able and have more time. However, as we grow older, the amount
of high-impact activities that we do is significantly reduced as we tend to slow down in
all areas of our routine. As a result, we are not encouraging bone growth necessary
to prevent osteoporosis and bone breaks.In fact, based on research, people aged 60
and above are more susceptible to hip breaks, and when this happens to those who are aged over 80,there’s a higher risk that they never completely recover.

However, even younger people experience problems due to bone density,especially those who are involved in contact sports such as martial arts, soccer, and football. Indeed, all these sports require that the bones are strong and robust.

Some would argue that high-impact exercises are only for those who are fit. The solution is to make exercise a part of your daily routine. In addition, high-impact does not always mean extreme or intense. Even a simple exercise like hopping 20 times per day can make a difference. Take a lookat some more examples below:

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Try hopping on one foot for 20-30 seconds non-stop and repeat 10 times. Doing this twice daily will help improve bone density among people aged between 25-50. You don’t need any equipment for this exercise, just a space that is big enough for your to hop around.
If you want to make it more fun, you can do it outdoors using a jump rope. Playing some upbeat music will also help you to get going.

Box Jumping

Box jumps are commonly done in gyms, since they have those boxes or those plyometric training adjustable risers. But if you have anything that resembles this in your home, garage, or parking lots, you can do this anywhere. Simply jump up on the box with both
feet at the same time and hop back down and repeat. For stronger bones, do 3 sets of
15 to 20 jumps. It’s recommended that you perform this exercise atleast 3 times a
week not only for bone density. Box jumping is also a good cardio, and it will help you
boost metabolism and, in return, will help you lose fat.


You can never go wrong with sprinting. This exercise strengthens your whole body,
especially the lower body, and makes a good cardio activity.To make it more enjoyable, you can do fartleks, which is a kind of sprinting exercise. It’s best to do it on a running field or a football field with marks or cones, so you can identify and measure the distance. You start with doing a sprint to the five-yard line and back, then increase your distance
to the 10-yard line,go back, and lastly, to the 15-yard mark. Now that’s what you call a fartlek.Do atleast 3 of that, once or twice per week to have stronger bones.

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You may also try the following exercises and sports:

•Running Bleachers
•High-Impact Aerobics

While high-impact exercises are recommended to people of all ages, it’s important
to start slow. This goes most especially to those who have not been physically active. Engaging in these activities after leading a sedentary or an inactive lifestyle might be
too shocking and may lead to injuries. The key is to start slow and gradually add bone-strengthening exercises to your daily routine. Also, for those who have been previously injured in the joints, taking caution is necessary. It’s best to consult your physician first as to avoid any further damage.

Aging doesn’t have to be such a bad thing. While our health will gradually deteriorate,
it doesn’t mean that you cannot prevent or delay it. Having a healthy body is important
in enjoying your life. It’s never too late. Start working on strengthening your bones.

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