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Important Tips for Anyone Trying Out for a Marathon/Triathlon/Race or Anything Physically Daunting of the Sort

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It is vital to know your limitations AND know how and when to challenge yourself in exceeding or even exploring them. Honestly most people now just do not get enough physical activity and that is why a lot remain uneducated on dieting and exercise, thinking they are hopeless and will be sickly and fat forever. This is all mostly caused by fear, denial and pride because exercise and diet is very hard to do and is the correct way. Here are helpful tips on how to work your body slowly on the way up, making it gain more and more speed and power. You will be surprised how much younger you feel when you
take your health commitments seriously.

Tip 1 Do your research.

Do your homework in other words, researching should never escape anyone especially researching on diet and health. The least we can do is research on things we are unsure about when it comes to health because health is more important than money. And when you have a lot of money, you cannot enjoy it for long if you are not very healthy.
Research to confirm what the newest and most legitimate studies are saying because a lot of food myths have been disproved and turns out a lot of food is good for you as long as it is natural, non-poisonous and you are not allergic. The real devil are the processed foods that make people sick- sometimes without them knowing it.

Tip 2 No Shortcuts.

In other words you got to remember these two things: don’t be cheap and don’t be lazy.
It is as simple as that, you have to invest in your workout regimens- even yoga is low maintenance but still requires some high quality, comfortable things. For example you tighten your belt too much and you purchase boxing gloves that are dirt cheap but end up making your hand wounds worse. Or you do not invest in a good sports bra and you start getting bad chest pains and shoulder strain. Or you purchase the cheapest gym membership with rusty, smelly equipment. And when one becomes lazy, new cool shoes will not help get you get stronger if you don’t do a proper push up or proper, full jog.
Or you do not do the full 10-12 second rounds during stretching and your muscles are too relaxed.You must invest in both equipment and your physical effort.

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Tip 3 Know Your Limits.

Accepting your limits will avoid injuries and further discouragement. Many trainers or your caring workout freak buddies fear other people getting discouraged from working out
because they push themselves too much or at a wrong angle. You must start off a bit more gradual and push yourself when you are more loosened up and alert. You also have to educate yourself or ask a workout nut about these things to help yourself.

Tip 4 Set Some Realistic Goals.

Realistic, short term goals related to your physical conquest will drive you even further to finishing such an enormous yet rewarding challenge. It is okay if your only goal is to
finish the race- as long as you try your best and make the best use of your training.

Tip 5 Keep the Fun Alive!

In other words do not take yourself way too seriously. You can create opportunities to get closer to like-minded people and start workout groups and you can all reward yourself with a trip to the bar, club or even a beach trip.

Tip 6 Don’t Forget to Sleep!

If dieting exercising properly makes 50% then resting long and properly enough and having a good quality home life is the other 50%. Not sleeping enough is highly unhealthy
for anyone all the more when combined with poor diet and stress overload. If you have sleep problems do not exercise too hard 3-4 hours before sleeping and just do basic stretches, make yourself tea or a bowl of oatmeal on the side if you wish. If you exercise and diet properly you will sleep better for sure.

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Tip 7 Eat a Little and A Lot at the Right Times.

Food is fuel and for many their life and a passionate, highly respected form of art. Respecting both food and the body are some main aspects of a good or decent human being and controlling one’s portions is a sign of respect to both. Obviously you must eat
a lot more in the morning- even if you are not used to it, because the training can be daunting. For people who usually skip breakfast, something light like chicken soup, veggies and egg is very nutritious. For under-eaters now is the time to break the habit, because if you suddenly start being physically overactive and not eating you just might snap somewhere. Eat light snacks that are low or no-carb before working out or even stick to a filling drink to fuel you, eating a whole lot is the reward after you
beat your body down.

Tip 8 Find a Coach.

Even if it is just online as long as you think that Youtube or a video is enough to push your commitment to fitness. A lot of people need trainers to truly push through though and that is okay, make sure you find a trusted one that respects you and one that you sha
re decent company with.

Tip 9 Don’t Overload your Schedule.

One of the first things we mentioned was time management and not letting the element of time totally take over your life. Get your priorities straightened out and remember why you are wanting to fulfill these physical goals, keep in mind what are the most important
things in your life.

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