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How to Get Rid of Black Knees and Elbows

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Especially when one is either a woman or just generally more vain (which is okay of course) darkened knees and elbows may be a big deal for you, especially when you have to appear in front of people. Have you ever wanted to finally sport that dress because you reached your goal weight but you have workout friction marks which result in darkened skin? Do you feel that those darker knees, elbows and sometimes parts of the foot make you look dingy looking even if you took the best shower ever? Genetics may play a role here, which means the consistency of your skin tends to become easily darkened than
others when friction is applied. This happens to a lot of people who do a certain
sport or exercise repeatedly, have sensitive skin or have a bad habit of leaning
on their elbows or knees too long.

First off! You must be aware of your habits, how your body gets into is default positions to diagnose what is causing the blackening of elbows and knees. You have to take care of your skin quality as much as you care for, remember that having dark knees and elbows at a young age will just get so much darker in time if you do not look after it with cheap and natural treatments (which bring forth many other skin and vital benefits).

Basic ingredients and methods are overlooked!

Back then foods and everyone’s diet in general was a lot more natural
even if it is fattening it was still easier to burn off because injecting preservatives
and synthesized fats and sugars weren’t as prominently done.

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Everyone should remind themselves to apply a form of moisturizer on their
dry spots most especially, 3-7 times a week is very good depending on the
season as well. Dryer months ask for more moisturizer and if one continuously
skips on basic skin care at these chapping times of the year it will become much
more difficult to reverse the effects of aging.

And do have fun with these DIY treatments, mix up ingredients, that is the beauty of edible face masks- they are so safe to play with.

Lemon and other citrus extracts are affordable and zingy life savers!

Affordable and yummy smelling, citrus juice and do not forget peels have high amounts of Vitamin C which strengthens, firms, lighten and evens out the skin making it healthier and glowing. Citrus concoctions work well but work even better with the peels thrown in because it is very high in Vitamin C too and slows down the skin darkening process by slowing down the activity of melanocytes or pigment cells.

Just be aware of the sensitivity of your own skin and do expect some sting
because Vitamin C is an antibacterial acid. Lemon and other sour citrus juices
mixed with essential oils, a powder or just on their own is a quick and wonderful
skin treatment, refreshes and brightens your skin as if your pores had lemonade
on a hot summery porch.

Exfoliate naturally! Have you guys heard that the planet gets badly affected from

Women have thinner skin and are more prone to darkened elbows and knees that is why it is always tempting to buy a bottle of exfoliate scrub- that could be non-
eco-friendly. Microbeads are very tiny and are non-biodegradable- making them like little plastic pellets that fish and other creatures can swallow up, these beads can clog pipes and the systematic airways and cavities of creatures.

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Fortunately there are many natural ingredients that make for excellent and
healthier scrubs such as oatmeal, brown sugar and mineral bath salts.

Mineral Salts

Salt helps lock in moisture, notice that when you brine or marinate food in a deep tub of water with a lot of salt that it is very moist after cooking. Salt acts as water reserves and goes beyond just exfoliation. Salts also help open up your pores more so that they get cleaned out more easily and absorb minerals from the salt itself more efficiently. Thereare many types of spa salts that are merged with essential oils. Nuts and milky or creamy substances like avocado and macadamia essence merged with bath salts are great for dry or flaky skin whereas peppermint and rosemary wake up the skin and are ideal for dull, tired-looking skin.

Brown sugar scrub

It is gentler than both salt and even white sugar, ideal for sensitive skin- sugar even moisturizes on its own. Even though it feels thick it does not clog your pores and actually cleanses them very well. You could even mix sugar and salt since salt has higher medicinal benefits and sugar is soothing, yummy smelling and brings another dimension of moisture.

Oatmeal, Gram flour and other oats

Very, very gentle and neutral, for the most sensitive and soft pampering. The flakiness and texture is just right to scrub the skin and rid of dead cells while being so gentle and even moisturizing when the water mixes with the rice-like
starches and creates a gloopy moisturizer.

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Olive oil and sugar make a great combo, adding in oatmeal all together or for another time is a nice option too!

Baking Soda Pastes

Baking soda is a versatile antibacterial ingredient that is a powerful cleanser that
is gentle on the skin unless it is very sensitive.It also helps effectively whiten and even out skin.

Baking soda powder can be mixed with lemon juice or the more stinky vinegar for
combined deep cleansing and lightening.You can also choose coconut or olive
oil, or some form of healthy preferably virgin oil to make a paste that is to be
thoroughly exfoliated and left on the skin for atleast 20 minutes every day or
every 2 days.

Coconut oil is a delicious and fast-acting superfood product!

It is rich yet healthy and adds a comforting and tropical flavor to many authentic and non-authentic yet still delicious dishes.It is a fantastic moisturizer and is more effective
at skin lightening than olive oil.It is a great mixing ingredient for other natural beauty products and is more recommendable for babies than commercial baby oil itself.

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