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3 Basic Beauty Tips Every Woman Should Know

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Ever wish you can wake up in the morning, and not worry about spending too much time putting your makeup on? Well, this is possible.

Scroll down below to find out how you can get that basic beauty, with minimum effort and time required.

1. Skin Improvement At Night

First you should start by improving your skin while you sleep at night. To do this, cleanse your face with a gentle exfoliator which will help get rid of dead skin cells. Then apply a facial oil before going to bed.

2. Soften Dry Lips

Cold weather can make your lips dry, chapped and raw. To remedy this, use a toothbrush and put your lip balm on it to use as an exfoliant.

3. Do Your Brows

To get natural-looking brows, just apply a brow or lash brush, and rub it against your eyeliner or eye shadow. Make sure that it is 1 or 2 shades darker than your brow color, then brush it through your brows.

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