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Make your Love Life Flourish with this Guide: How To Know If A Guy Likes You

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The game of romance can often have many losers, especially when a girl doesn’t know how to tell if a guy likes her. Giving off the right signs can mean that the guy is ripe for romance, but sometimes it’s hard to tell when the girl just doesn’t know what tolook for, or if she’s just plain dense. Learning how to know if a guy likes you can often mean the difference between netting a boyfriend or another night alone.

Telling if a guy is into you often entails looking for telltale signs when around a guy, whether it be his body language or if its in his words. Little tidbits of information gathered from friends of yours and his can also help you determine whether or not this guy is willing to take the next step with you to go out dating, to be his girlfriend, or just for a casual encounter for the night. Don’t sit it out on the friend zone forever.

The Telltale Signs

There can be many things that can give you ways on how to know if a guy likes you. These telltale signs can include many things, such as the way the guy speaks to you to the way he moves when he’s around you. This and many other things about a guy can speak volumes about how he feels about you, whether he wants to go out with you or if he would much rather prefer you in the friend zone.

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His body language can be a particular telltale sign on how much a guy likes you. If he rarely turns his back on and would much rather be facing the girl he likes, then this can be a small sign to the bigger picture. Slouching and relaxing when he is close to you may mean that he is comfortable around you, and that he will listen to what you have to say when you talk. This can also mean that he is very interested in you and feels something special.

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When he listens to you, keep track of his eye contact. When you look into his eyes, he may look away shyly, or may try the averse: he may try to lock eyes with you for as long as he can. The eyes, as they say, are the windows to the soul, so use these windows to see into the eyes of the man you may think has feelings for you. If you’re a little more perceptive than most, then see if his pupils dilate when you do catch a glimpse of his eyes.

Listen to what he has to say, and how he says it. Sometimes, its easy how to tell if a guy likes you by the wayhe speaks; if he seems nervous around you, then it may be because you make him feel a certain way. Again, it could be the inverse; a guy may need to prove himself around you in order to attempt to win your affections.

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It’s back to the body language again; if he takes every opportunity to come into physical contact with you, then it can be a telltale sign that a guy likes you. This can also be a sign of true affections or simply the lust a guy experiences, and that he would much rather get into your pants instead of maintain a working relationship with you.

Sometimes, a guy can also treat you differently when he is into you. It can be easy to tell if a guy likes you by the general way he acts around you; he may put you on the pedestal and treat you like royalty, or flirt around with other girls just to get your attention. Sometimes, it can be useful to have a friend around to also observe how this guy may act around you.

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A guy can also try and make himself a larger part of your life by sharing aspects of your lifestyle and culture. For example, if you fancy a certain hobby like playing guitar, then he may try to imitate you to try and understand you better. A love for music in general can also be something quick for him to pick on, so if you mention that you like a certain artist, he may end up suggesting many artists to try listening to.

Paying attention to the guy’s close friends can also be a valuable place to learn of a guy’s feelings for you. Sometimes, a guy’s circle of friends may let vital details of a guy out on the slip of the tongue, so being able to pick up on that slip can help you determine a future relationship. You may even become a closer part of the guy’s life in the process.

The internet has made interacting with people no matter where you are much easier. Social networking sites have made telling what people feel in general more widespread, for better or for worse. A part of this is being able to interact with your friends, and that may even include the guy you think is into you.

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This guy may even make it a point to message you as often as he can online, as the entire concept of being nervous when face to face or just within the general vicinity of you is done away. He may feel more courage when talking to you behind the veil of the internet, making how to tell if a guy likes you much easier.

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