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Things 20 Somethings Need To Stop Doing To Live Fully

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Our early to late 20’s are mostly the years that teach us and mold us the most. These are the years where you experience heartache and learn more about ourselves. These are the years that we are able to finally settle into college life or working life, these are the years where we gain friends and we lose friends and the years that we experience life most. It is also the years that we are more adventurous, we are young and innocent enough to experience new things and old enough to do it on our own.

There are things and habits that we do that inhibit us to making the most of our 20’s. Stop these negative habits and thought to live a full and exciting 20’s.

1. Spending Your Whole Life Online

The internet is one of the greatest inventions of our time. A picture can be sent from any device and a video can be uploaded from all parts of the world. Communicating and getting information cannot be easier. The internet has opened a lot of possibilities for social and business contact without leaving the safety of your own home, but spending your whole life online can be unhealthy.

If you work online as a programmer, social media administrator or dabble in e-commerce, then spending a huge part of your time online is acceptable, but spending half your day scrolling through your friends’ profiles or posting a tweet or a selfie everyday can be excessive. Leave a little bit of mystery, try spending your day without opening any of your accounts. We assure you that the world won’t end if you miss one post. Stay connected, but not disconnected with life.

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2. Settling for Whatever Comes

Our twenties our about exploring who we are and what we can handle. Don’t settle for less because you think it’s easy. May it be about a relationship, a job, your course or your ambitions. You don’t want to regret settling in your future, one of the worst thing to feel for the rest of your life is regret.

You may fail sometimes, but you know that you tried. You are far greater and stronger than you actually believe. So, settling for whatever comes because you feel like you’d fail or you’re not good enough is not a good excuse.

3. Changing For Other People

The only permanent thing in this world is change. As humans, we grow and experience things that change us. These changes will shape us to become who we will be in the future, but changing because of what other people want from you or what other want you to be is never a good idea. You can’t change who you are because that guy you have a crush on likes girls with blonde hair or one of your friends doesn’t like the way you snort when you laugh. When we change ourselves for other people, we give them an illusion of who they want. You shove who you really are behind this illusion and sooner or later you’ll keep up with these charades until it becomes you. A version of you that you will hate. If they love you, they’ll love you the way you are and it goes the other way around too. If you want to get that lip ring and that tattoo, do it! If they tell you that they’d hate it if you did it then that’s their problem.

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4. Relationships, Marriage and Dating

It’s not always about having relationships or dating other people. It’s not about being sure you’re married before your 30’s. It’s about you and doing what you want. You can focus on your career or you can travel alone. If you want to get married to your high school sweetheart then do it. Don’t do it because all of your all friends are getting married or all of them are in a long relationship.  We are not all built the same, you can fall in love and get married in your 40’s and it doesn’t matter. You can also never get married and that’s perfectly okay. Don’t Worry.

5. Making Sure to Get Everything Right

Twenties are a hard age to navigate some people will have everything set together and some are still in that momentary bliss of “What is going on” and that’s okay. It’s about learning, you’ll never know. Today you may be sweating your eyes out from studying and tomorrow you’ll be one of the most successful architects in the world. Life is full of possibilities, it rarely places out the way we want it to.

Your 20’s is a magical time period in your life, this is the time to put caution in the wind while you try to figure out what you want and what you need to be. Avoid negative habits that would put your 20’s in a rut.

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