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Easy Recipe for Making Tofu Out of Soy Milk

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that you can buy at practically any grocery store that you visit. Are you aware that you can actually make tofu in your kitchen rather than procure it each time from your favorite local supermarket?

Below you will come across a simple recipe for making homemade tofu. Just how simple is it? Well, let’s just say that there is no soy bean soaking and mashing required because all you’ll need is a liter of soy milk plus a little coagulating agent in the form of freshly-squeezed lemon juice!

If you like to know how to turn a carton of soy milk into tofu without stepping foot outside your home, then read on. This article will teach you how. After taking a look at the recipe, share it on your various social media sites to let your family and friends who love adding tofu to their diet also know how to make it with their own hands.


1 liter of soy milk 

1 1/2 tablespoons of lemon juice 

1/2 cup of distilled water


-In a small bowl, combine freshly-squeezed lemon juice (not lemon juice that comes in a box or plastic container) and distilled water. Stir and cast aside. 

-Carefully pour soy milk in a large saucepan. Using medium heat, bring the temperature of soy milk up to 160°F, which is equivalent to 70°C. For this job, you will need to use a kitchen thermometer. But worry not if you do not have one. Just bring soy milk to a boil and immediately switch off the oven. 

-By the way, see to it that you constantly stir soy milk with a wooden spoon or rubber spatula while bringing it to a boil to keep it from getting burned. 

-While stirring soy milk, gradually pour 1/2 of the lemon juice and distilled water mixture into it. Keep on stirring for about 2 minutes. Afterwards, allow the wooden spoon or rubber spatula to stand straight down into the soy milk to gradually stop the stirring motion. 

-Once still, pour the remaining lemon juice and distilled water mixture into the soy milk. Stir using a figure of eight motion. The secret is doing it very gently to commence the curdling of soy milk. 

-After about a couple of minutes, you will notice that soy milk is beginning to form clumps. Stop stirring and cover the saucepan. Allow it to sit still for about 15 minutes. 

-Line a large colander with a few pieces of cheesecloth and carefully pour the contents of the saucepan into it. 

-Gather the ends of the pieces of cheesecloth and lift to allow remaining liquids to drain. Afterwards, squeeze to remove liquids that the curds are holding. 

-Untwist the edges of the pieces of cheesecloth and use them once again to wrap the soy curds, this time in the shape of a loaf. Twist the edges again and secure with a rubber band. 

-Transfer to a large plate and place a chopping board over the soy curds. Place a couple of large and heavy books on top of the chopping board to get rid of any remaining liquids. Allow 30 minutes to pass. 

-Remove books and chopping board and unwrap the soy curds, revealing your homemade tofu. 

-Grab a bowl large enough to accommodate your tofu. Place tofu in it and fill with cold water to firm it up further. Stash in the refrigerator. Slice into squares once already very firm.

That’s how you can turn soy milk into tofu! Your homemade tofu can be kept fresh in the refrigerator for up to 2 weeks.

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