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The Cheapest Ways to Deal With Acne Naturally

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Battling acne but you don’t have the budget for some really expensive cosmetic products or treatments? Well, below you will find some of the most effective all-natural remedies for acne that won’t break the bank.

Drink Plenty of Water a Day

Something as simple as guzzling down 8 to 10 glasses of water a day can help in having your acne dealt with. There are a couple of reasons why this works tremendously well:

  • Water flushes out toxins in the body. By making sure that acne-aggravating waste products and poisonous substances within are kept out, your acne problem can be kept to a minimum.
  • Water helps restore normal pH balance. Consuming plenty of water on a daily basis helps bring the body to a more alkaline side, which is a good thing because an acidic environment can exacerbate acne.

Massage Cucumber Slices on Your Face

Do you often reach for cucumber slices to zap those eye bags? Then you may do the very same step if your acne is bugging you. That’s because cucumber slices are loaded with vitamin C, an antioxidant that helps reduce inflammation plus promote healing of skin damaged by acne.

Aside from cucumber slices, you may also puree cucumber to obtain its juice. Transfer it in a small container and stash in the fridge. Apply with a cotton ball on your face morning and night.

Apply Diluted Lemon Juice

Just like cucumber juice, lemon juice is also loaded with vitamin C — it’s very sour taste is a testament to that. It’s exactly for this reason why lemon juice is an excellent fighter of acne.

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Because lemon juice can be very harsh most especially for people with sensitive skin, it’s a good idea to dilute lemon juice with equal amounts of water before applying it on your face. Even when watered down, antioxidants in lemon juice remain highly effective against acne.

Don’t stop doing this home remedy after your acne’s gone. That’s because lemon juice has the ability to lighten dark scars, so it’s something that can erase any reminder that you were once an acne sufferer.

Count on a Little Cold Whole Cow’s Milk

Most refrigerators have at least a gallon of milk in them, and yours is very much likely to be one of them. Well, congrats! You have yourself an excellent home remedy for acne.

With the use of a cotton pad, gently apply cold milk on your face before hitting the sack. The soothing properties of cold milk can help reduce redness and inflammation. As you spend time in dreamland, amino acids in it help repair damaged skin, and its lactic acid content helps exfoliate excess dead skin cells.

For best results, make sure that the cold milk you go for is whole cow’s milk and nothing else. By the way, many people swear by the effectiveness of an anti-acne paste out of ground nutmeg and a little milk.

Daub Aspirin Paste on Trouble Spots

Head to where the medicine cabinet is and take out the aspirin bottle. Get a tablet or two, depending on how much acne you have, and then crush very well. Once pulverized, add a few drops of water to turn it into paste.

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Apply the resulting paste on trouble spots using a cotton swab or your fingertip. Let it stay there for about 10 minutes and then rinse off with water. This home remedy will help reduce redness as well as inflammation. However, refrain from doing this acne solution if you are allergic to aspirin!

You May Also Go for Turmeric Paste Instead

If you love to cook most especially Asian and Middle Eastern dishes, chances are you have turmeric in your spice rack. It also means that you have one of the most effective all-natural remedies for acne.

Simply add a few drops of water to a teaspoon of turmeric. Mix very well until you end up with a gold-colored paste. Daub the said paste on problem areas, and leave it there for several minutes to dry. Afterwards, rinse off with water. This home remedy is very good for reducing acne inflammation as well as zapping acne-exacerbating bacteria.

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