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Halloween makeup tips and tricks

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Halloween is the time for costumes and sugar rushes. This is the time of the year where even the most non jovial people are able to participate. This is the night where you can be anyone you want to be for the night? Want to be a zombie slash Nicki Minaj? Want to be a fairy princess that eats hearts for dinner? Do you simply want to be Halloween cliché? It doesn’t matter what you want to be, Halloween is the time for fun and creativity that both kids and adults can enjoy.

Halloween is one of the few tradition that has managed to stay through the decades. Halloween is said to be the time of the year where the veil between the land of the living and what is beyond is the most transparent. The origins of Halloween traditions are unclear, but somehow it has wielded to survive through the years and is now one of the most celebrated holiday. Halloween is the night where trick, treats, costumes and makeup come together.

To help you get into Halloween spirits, we’ve compiled a list of Halloween makeup tips and tricks to help you get it spooky perfect this holiday!

Safety First

This is a step we tend to take for granted. We have to remind you that Halloween makeup and FX makeups is not the same. So, saying that you’re are not allergic to everyday makeup and you’re pretty sure that you won’t be allergic to FX makeup is a big No-No. Imagine applying you’re whole makeup on and experiencing heat, irritation, itchiness after a few hours? Not only did you irritate your skin, you also wasted a lot of product and effort. Always perform a patch test a few days before the event. This will give you some time to find new products that can adjust to your skin’s sensitivity. Never use makeup on the face unless it is made for facial use. Do not mix different kind of makeup together. Baby powder is flammable, avoid going near open flames when using baby powder.

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Apply Thinly

Halloween makeup tends to be more concentrated and thicker. So, after a few hours of wearing; the face feels hot and sweaty. You can prevent that by applying thinly, one color at a time. Leave the product to dry. Some products may appear thin when they are wet, causing you to apply more than necessary. You can use your blow dryer to speed up the process, set it in cold air or sit in front of a fan.

Different Types of Halloween Makeup

There are different types of makeup you can use this Halloween. First is pancake makeup, this makeup is usually applied using a powder puff and comes in powder form. This is often us as a base, setting and foundation makeup. Second cream based makeup, the most widely used types during Halloween. This makeup comes in different shades and is used to create intricate designs and body paintings. There are cream makeup that is specifically designed for the face, so use those when drawing on anything in the facial area. Fourth is the stick type makeup that is usually used for highlighting and shadowing. Lastly, the easiest one to obtain is face paint. This can be used on the face and body. There are makeups that can be applied using airbrush for wide area application.

FX makeup

Spirit gum, liquid latex, corn syrup, fake blood and so on are the types of FX makeup. This type of makeup is used to create special effects and prosthetics. You can buy these materials in your local makeup shops. Avoid using any adhesive product near the eyes, since the vapors can cause eye irritation. Make sure that you are not allergic to latex before applying it in wide areas.

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Makeup Preparation

Always start with a clean base, this will help the makeup to adhere better. Keep your makeup area clean and make sure all the tools you use are sanitary. If applying makeup on yourself is too difficult, it’s always a good idea to ask a friend to help you.

With so many costumes and character to choose from, how can you possibly start getting everything together by Halloween? It’s best to go for things that you know you can handle. When planning to create your own costume, a lot a deadline for yourself so you won’t rush the whole thing in a day. If you’re planning to buy it, go to the store now. When Halloween comes rolling around the costume start to disappear and the prices go up.

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