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Hair Tips for People Who Love To Color Their Tresses

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We all strive to have that perfect hair commercial looking hair – bouncy, healthy and shiny. Unfortunately, the perception that women wake up looking like their hair was professionally blown out every morning is a lie. No one wakes up looking cute with bed head hair. One thing that can make it look worse? Damage. There are different ways to damage hair, but we will focus on one that we all love – Hair coloring.

If you’re someone that loves to change their color, you know how brittle and dry hair tends to become after coloring it a few times. There are always consequences when coloring our hair. We may get that rainbow colored tresses that we want, but without proper care, we’ll end up with straw like strands.

Dry, frizzy and damage hair is hard to shape and style. It worsens with use of heat styling tools. Heat will remove moisture from the hair and recovering this moisture will be difficult. Below are some tips that will help you regain your beautiful and glamorous hair from hair coloring.

Bring Back the Moisture

Our hair strand is built with three different layers. The cuticle, cortex and matrix. The cuticle is the outer layer and the highly affected area when it comes to hair coloring. Since this is the outer layer of the hair strands this is where the chemicals are applied to when coloring and cuticle that is already damage will start to experience brittleness. You can lessen the damage by applying natural oil on your hair a few days before your hair coloring schedule. This will help strengthen all the layers of your hair and limiting the damage it suffers after the process. You can continue applying natural oils a few days after the processing to help make the hair shiny and strong. You can opt for hot oil treatments at the salon, cheap over the counter oil treatments and high quality hair oil products, though the effects can be a bit different. If you don’t want to purchase anything. You can always go to your pantry and take your extra virgin olive oil. This natural oil contains moisturizing and nourishing properties that can help strengthen the hair. Olive oil can also help treat dry scalp and dandruff. If your hair becomes too oily, stop the treatment.

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Regular Trimming

You will notice that the first section of your hair that will look dry and damage is the ends of your hair. It will look fuzzy and damaged, depending on the length of the hair. This is an obvious problem that is caused by lack of moisture and nutrition in the hair. The farther it is from the scalp, the less nutrition and moisture it acquires. You can give your scalp and hair a break by chopping off any excess weight. You’ll be able to see a huge difference just a few months of regular trimming. After trimming your hair, apply natural oils to help lock the moisture and bring back the shine.

Choose a Proper Hair Treatment

There are different hair treatments in the market right now. Finding the right one for you is essential to bringing back your healthy hair. Always consider the length, color, texture and porosity of your hair when choosing a repairing process. Pick a treatment that won’t strip away the dye from your hair and actually help refresh the color as much as possible. There are treatments in salons that can help bring back the tone in your hair without adding on any damage, these types of products are not yet available in the open market though. When picking a shampoo and conditioner for home use, look for products that can maintain the color of your hair and nourish it at the same time. Look at the texture too, is it
dry? Frizzy? Thin? Most beauty companies have multi-functional products that can help the hair. Conditioners, hair mask, hair spray and so on.

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Change Your Hair Dye

Every time you color your hair, you do some kind of damage and that is something we can’t avoid. We can limit the negative effect of hair coloring by picking a product that is less aggressive. When using a lightening product, choose ones that are longer than those that processes quick lightening to reduce the damage. Doing it one step at a tie will allow your hair to adjust.

We hope that these tips were able to help you get that healthy and shiny hair you want. It’s important to maintain proper hair care to prevent aggravating the hair. Use products that are mild and avoid aggressive brushing! We look forward to seeing your commercial ready hair!

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