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Fitness Item Must Have

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The winter months are the time where most of the population gain weight. We mainly associate this as holiday weight gain, but the holiday feasts are not the only culprit. Gaining weight through overeating is not as black and white as they say. You don’t simply gain weight just because of two days of overeating. Our body is able to cope with this overeating, hence frequent bathroom breaks or excessive sweating. What causes the weight gain is the repetitive over consumption of calories and fat accumulation. This can occur due to overeating and lack of exercise.

Making the point that lack of exercise is a huge part of the weight gain. During the cold season, our energy levels tend to decrease and the urge to snack increases. The best way to keep the pounds off during this season is to exercise regularly. Some people would sign up for the gym or go to a cycling class, but due to the lack of energy or cold weather the chances of us leaving the comfort of our home is low. The best alternative you can do is to keep it close to home, giving you no excuse to skip exercise.

There are fitness items that you have to have at home to help give you that extra exercise push. Here are some items that can help you become fitter at home!

Yoga or Exercise Mat

People often think that they can perform their yoga poses and floor exercises, well on the floor or the dining room rug. We often underestimate the ingenuity of this fitness tool. Performing yoga or floor exercises at home can be dangerous. Especially when performing yoga in hard wood and slippery floor. Performing planks with sweaty elbows will lead you to face plant on the floor. The first time you use a yoga or exercise mat, you’ll understand why you need it at home. Yoga mats can help reduce back pain caused by crunches and sit ups. It can also prevent you from slipping and sliding during your workout. Mats are available in different colors and sizes that can help cater your need. It is also budgeted friendly, you can find mats that can cater to your monetary needs. It can be made from vinyl, foam or rubber. This is also a great item for outdoor workouts and there is a sense of I-have-to-workout energy when holding onto a mat.

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Stability Ball

Stability balls or fitness balls are one of the best fitness item you can have at home. It can be used for different exercises and can be a great distraction for the kiddies. These balls are made of resilient rubber that can cater to any weight. Its size can vary from basketball size to the size of a beanbag. This is a great addition to basic exercises such as crunches, wall squatting and pushups. This will help enhance your exercise and keep it enjoyable. Stability balls come in all shapes, sizes and price range. This is also great storing. When you don’t need it anymore, you can simply remove the air inside the ball and store it in your cabinet.

Kettle Bell

If you’re someone that is into cardio and strengthening workouts, then the best fitness item for you is the kettle bell. This fitness item is a form of weights that can give you better movement. Instead of pushing, pulling or simply lifting, you can use a kettle bell to swing, thrust, push, pull and so on; for additional movements and intensity. This is also a great item for building strength. The weights can vary from 2.5 pounds and more.

Ankle weights

Want to amp up your workout without buying any bulky weights? Get yourself a pair of ankle weights. This simple item can help add intensity and strengthening to your normal workout. Strapping on a pair before your morning run can help strengthen the ankles, increase calorie burn and endurance. These weights are easy to put away and can be used for different exercises.

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You don’t need to set up a whole gym at home. Having the key items to help you work out is enough to keep you fit. Keep these items handy and workout with these accessories to help enhance your workout. In no time, it will be pool party and beach season. There is no need to go on a fad diet before the bikini season starts. Work out regularly at home and out to maintain your weight and be fitter. Do you have one or more of these items? Share with us your experience with these fitness must have!

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